October 2007

B = coffee, canteloupe, ff yogurt, banana muffin
L = grilled cheese (light cheddar on Little Chefs bread), sliced cukes and tomatoes
S = All Bran bar, apple
D = PC Blue Menu cannelloni (I don’t want to prep a meal while handing out Halloween treaties), salad
S = who am I kidding? there will be some sneaking of treats outta the candy bowl!

A = walk the dog


Due to running late leaving, then my hair appointment running overtime my menu wasn’t quite as planned, but it still worked out OK.

I missed my cantaloupe and All-Bran bar….so I was able to get chicken strips with my Wendy’s baked potato and not feel bad about it. hehe! and I was running so far behind that I didn’t stop at Starbucks for a hot drink, so no worries about that evil snack counter. Whew!!

I did have a couple of little treaties from the Halloween bowl, but only a couple instead of a giant mitfull of chocolate!!! I added up my points and everything fit within the day’s allotment so I don’t feel even a tinge of guilt.

However, I am glad that today is Halloween and I’ll be handing out all of that sugary loot to the little kiddies….get it outta here!!!

B = coffee, ff peach/vanilla yogurt, banana muffin
S = canteloup
L = taco salad w/ refried beans & baked Scoops
S = All Bran bar
D = out, so either Subway or Wendy’s
S = something from Starbucks (for keeping warm while waiting to get into the Haunted Cornmaze and CarnEvil) – I’m thinking maybe an extra huge tea for no points! and I will avoid the snack-o-rama case!

A = walk the dog

I did it!! I made it through a whole day without Halloween chocolate and on-plan!! Wooohooooo!

I managed to stick to my meal plan, except that I swapped the apple for an All-Bran bar because I wanted a cookie with my afternoon coffee….and I forgot my soy milk for after gym, so I had popcorn at the end of the night instead.

I added up my points and actually came in a fair bit under because of my workout, so I could have technically had a treat or two, but decided that I’d come that far and didn’t need it.


One day down….let’s try for another!

Well, I’m up just shy of a pound. Not bad, considering. But, boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! If this isn’t motivation to step away from the Halloween candy, nothing will be.

Stick to my menu plan.
Stick to my menu plan.
Stick to my menu plan.
(If it works for “there’s no place like home” then why can’t it work for this?)

B = coffee, ff cran/rasp yogurt, fresh canteloup chunks & pomegranate bits
S = banana muffin
L = grilled cheese & tomato sandwich (light cheddar, 1 large piece high fibre bread), cucumber slices
S = apple
D = taco salad w/ refried beans & baked Scoops
S (post gym) = chocolate soy milk, banana muffin

A = walk the dog, kickboxing

OK, fine, you caught me. The walk with the dog never happened…can’t do that with wet hair. And there might have been a breakfast sandwich with that Starbucks latte on the drive up island. And yes, there was a second helping of Chinese food that night…..it was the best Chinese we’ve had in ages. But at least there was no secret Halloween candy binging while at Mom’s house. See, something good!!

Today there was a banana for breakfast…. leftover Chinese for lunch (but only a small portion!)… and although I did manage to pass on any fast food stops on the way home, I did end up with another latte and a cookie from Starbucks. Note to self: don’t go into Starbucks hungry!! I did stick to my plan for a point-friendly Mexican dinner though. So good!

I made a taco salad – shredded lettuce, diced tomato, diced avacado, scallions & finely shredded light cheddar. I topped this with salsa and served it with warm, seasoned refried beans and light sour cream. For some crunch I used a few baked Scoops as dippers. So yum!!!

And now I’m keeping myself busy so I’ll stay away from that evil Halloween candy! I carved my jack-o-lantern and it’s awesome. I might even do another one. See my “Devil Kitty” here.

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