Ugh, I need to get out of this funk! DBF needs to come home NOW! I don’t feel too sad or depressed but my snack binging is telling me differently. I haven’t pigged out on crap like this since my pre-WW days.

Between being sick and not being able to exercise, and being sorta sad and lazy I’ve just lost all motivation. I’ve had lots of slip-ups along the way, but this is really the first all-out bingerama.

Not for lack of trying. You see it here. I plan good things every day!!! But I can’t honestly remember the last time that I actually adhered to my daily plan. It’s frustrating the shit out of me, but apparently that’s not enough. I’m recognizing and admitting to the issues, but that’s apparently not stopping me from rummaging through the Halloween candy leaving a pile of those tiny little wrappers behind or digging out a box of crackers at 11pm or eating the entire 12 point chocolate chunk cookie at Starbucks when I used to be happy with just my yummy latte.

I’m trying one day at a time, but maybe I need to go to the one hour at a time plan.

Come on ladies, post your support for me! I need to feel accountable to someone, and apparently “me” isn’t doing it. Today I’ll do it for all of you. I love you ladies and I don’t want to disappoint.

(Of course, I have a girls night out for dinner tonight so today probably isn’t the best….but I’ll give it my all…I swear!)