December 2007

OK, not a disaster, but this “homeless” situation I am in is definitely not making for healthy eating.

Yesterday Mom made me bacon and eggs for my “going away” breaky. Which in and of itself is not a big deal…but I topped it off with a McD’s fries & cheeseburger on the drive to Victoria and then a chicken teriyaki bento box for dinner….followed by yet another reduced fat egg-nog latte (it’s a good thing egg-nog season is just about over because apparently I have an addiction) then a night of drinking.

Not too heavy on the drinking, but enough that I was dumb enough to think I needed a 1am pita. Argh.

At least it instilled extra water drinking in me!

Today I managed to just stick to a coffee misto with egg nog (although it’s probably close to the same calorie count as the stupid reduced fat latte)…but I’m thinking about going to get another one because it’s a 2 coffee kind of day and the friend I’m staying with doesn’t even own a coffee maker (I know, what was I thinking when I chose to stay here?!!).

Our lunch was crazy high-calorie noodles though. I needed one final trip to Noodle Box before I leave town….even though I haven’t been there in a year, apparently I felt it was a must-have today. So peanut sauce w/ coconut milk on a huge serving of noodles with shrimp, chicken & pork. I tried to fool myself by ordering extra greens in it, but who’s kidding who? It’s creamy creamy peanutty sauce!! At least it was huge and we probably won’t bother with dinner. But there is that bag of chocolate almonds sitting on the counter taunting me….

I think I’ll go to the store for ff yogurt, bananas, and Fibre Source bars to help me this week. If I can at least have healthy filling breakfasts, I won’t feel too horrible about the wierd dinners that keep coming up. I have plans pretty much every night this week before I leave for my cross-country move…and I just can’t focus on salad every time when all I really care about is visiting with my friends.

I suppose I should be using all of this blogging time to get outside and go for a walk, but…well, I don’t want to!!! The exercise resolution can come into play on Tuesday with everyone else! 🙂


Yesterday went almost exactly according to plan. There may have been one homemade chocolate peanut cluster, but I’m pretty proud that it was only one since the neighbor brought over a whole plate of baked goodies!

Today will be no different!

B = coffee w/ light egg nog, ff vanilla yogurt, Gala apple
S = Fibre Source bar
L = veggies w/ 2 tbsp dip, 1 oz cheese, 1 oz salami, pickles, handfull of multigrain Wheat Thins, 1 tbsp salmon cream cheese
D = turkey sammich (hopefully with steamed veggies)
S = something from the neighbor’s yummy treat plate


As I had thought, I ate way too much over the last few days. It’s the only time of year where I truly throw food-caution to the wind, so it doesn’t bother me in the least. I actually didn’t go as nuts as I thought, but there was definitely an overabundance of mindless nibbling and late-night chips & dip.

Mom’s scale told me I’m up two pounds yesterday….but… A) who knows if her scale reads me the same way mine does, and B) I’ve eaten a bunch of salt that I normally wouldn’t and had next to no water.

Starting today I’m aiming for back on track. I am not going to count points just yet, but now that I have gotten past the chips and dips, chocolates, and full fat egg nog I am actually looking forward to normal eating once again.


B = coffee w/ light egg nog, Fibre Source bar, ff vanilla yogurt, 1/2 banana
L = veggies & 2 tbsp dip, 1 oz cheddar cheese, 1 oz salami, handful of Multigrain Wheat Thins, pickles
S = mandarin orange
S = Gala apple
D = open faced turkey sammich with all the fixings (including brussel sprouts!) 🙂


I just wanted to say that I’m going to take a short break from reporting my daily menus and health habits…. We all know that it’s not going to be all OP and happy WW eating for the next few days so I don’t figure you all want to read about that!

I will still watch portions, stick to the veggie tray instead of the cheese tray, drink my water and try to keep the chips and dips to a minimum. Having said that, I’m not depriving myself of anything….if I want a butter tart I’m having one dammit. 🙂

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

B = coffee, 1/2 Starbucks sausage & egg thingy
L = finished cold coffee & cold other 1/2 of Starbucks thingy
S = Fibre Source bar while waiting for chiropractor
S = coffee w/ egg nog, 1/2 Starbucks giant chocolate chip cookie
D = going out for Xmas dinner with friends – I sooo deserve this!! Il Terrazzo
I will wait to see what everyone else is doing but I’m thinking of two appies instead of a main (the food is delicious and HUGE!)

Happy Friday before Xmas everyone!

Title says it all.

B = triple grande non-fat vanilla latte
L = grande reduced-fat egg nog latte & cheese dog from Orange Julius
S = nanaimo bar & drink with neighbor (Í don’t even like rum & coke, but I wanted the drink!)
D = way too late, Wendy’s chili and chicken strips (at least I ordered diet coke!)

Now I’m just thirsty and sucking back as much water as I can without having to pee all night.

Not sure why I’m even bothering to post this as it’s so totally random!

B = was coffee w/ choc milk & whatever was left of the ff vanilla Activia yogurt (3 points if it was lucky)
S = random slice of ff cheese (1), then a Nanaimo bar while I was waiting for packer guy to finish up (2)
S = no lunch…no time…. Fibre Source bar while trying to coax poor kitty out from under hotel bed (2)
S = probably a banana so I don’t starve before dinner (2)
D = oh who knows! I think I want Delicados (yummy Southwestern wrap thingy with chicken and veggies and chipotle sauce….drool) (10)
S = something while I chill in the hotel room (2)


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