That whole adage about feeding a cold must be true. I could feel something coming on throughout the day yesterday…and by the time I finished work I was feeling pretty shitty. And hungry.

Apparently a congested head leads to eating whatever I can get my hands on. It all started with one bowl of chips….which led to another bowl…. then a granola bar, then egg rolls for dinner, then mozza sticks….and believe it or not I poured another bowl of chips (although I didn’t finish them….gee maybe because my mouth felt like a salt-lick). Plus I had already eaten everything on my daily menu, except my guac sandwich.

Upside was I drank a lot of water. Not enough I’m sure though.

So, today the cold is full blown so I’m going to try to stick with oatmeal and soup and such. I have to get out and shovel the driveway, so hopefully that helps clear my head.