Hmmmm….well, I wouldn’t call it a bad day, but it certainly wasn’t an OP day. I didn’t eat my strawberries or make my salad for dinner. I didn’t eat my chocolate chip bread either, but that’s because I ended up snacking on SmartPop w/ Becel in the evening instead. Boooo, it wasn’t that good (the Becel went all cold and weird) and it was higher points. And this afternoon I snacked on heated Almond Breeze and a chocolate dipped granola bar. Only 4 points for those two things, but that’s enough to blow the plan for today.

I was bored. Even with working all day, I get bored sitting here all the time. A girl can only sit and stare at the computer so long…and my book wasn’t appealing to me today…and I had no motivation to outside…and, and, and….

Meh, tomorrow will be better.