This week DBF’s schedule is all over the place, so my plan for getting to the gym early because I’m driving him to work isn’t quite working out. I am happy not to have to get up and drive all the way downtown and back….and it’s good that I don’t have to pick him up in the afternoons, but I was worried it would throw me off my game. But it didn’t today! I set the alarm and only hit snooze once, and up I got. I was at the gym by 8:05. Yaaaieee me!

Today was my usual 20 minutes on the cross-trainer. 5 minute warm up, followed by sprint intervals for 15 minutes. Level 5, 30 seconds sprints @ 10mph, 1:30 minute recovery @ 5mph for 15 minutes. 3 minute cooldown.

Then my strength training routine @ 3 sets of 12. I have upped my weight by 10lbs on the seated row, the leg press, and the ab machine. Now I actually feel like I’ve worked out when I’m done.

I didn’t have time for the bike today, but did my 3 sets of ball squats (of course!)…this time with the 10lb (I actually don’t know the weight as it wasn’t labelled, but it felt like 10lbs) bar over my shoulders.

I love how easily I’ve gotten into the routine. I can’t wait for my trainer to give me a couple more exercises to add to the plan!