The recipe in this Tuesday’s Hungry Girl Newsletter was for a “guilt-free chocolate chip cookie“. The ingredients weren’t too far out there (sometimes she uses a lot of alternatives I don’t have on hand), so I picked up the one thing I didn’t have and decided to give them a try.

First, let me say, THESE ARE NOT COOKIES. They are tasty and I might possibly make them again sometime, but essentially they are a muffin top. They are shaped somewhat like a cookie, but are soft and doughy and much more muffin-like or cake-like than a cookie. Unfortunately they just made me wish I had a real cookie…it was a big tease!

Having said that, they are tasty enough for a one-point snack and I liked that it made a small batch of only 8. Most of my muffin or cupcake recipes make at least a dozen, if not more, and they either get eaten too many at a time, wind up covered in frostbite from forgetting them in the freezer, or thrown out. That won’t happen with these.

(haha, ignore the half eaten one!)