Last night’s dinner plan was a success. In fact, the restaurant was out of Strongbow (booooo!) so instead of just ordering a beer or something I didn’t really want, I just ordered water. Yaaaiee me! And my girlfriend did share the Root Veggies w/ Hummus with me and it was delicious! In fact, my salad and my mussels were delicious too!

Today is a bit of a mish-mosh. DBF has a friend over watching F1 Racing, so I’m about to go make myself scarce. I see Starbucks in my future. 🙂

– coffee
– homemade “mcmuffin” – ww english muffin w/ ketchup, 1 serving Egg Beaters scrambled, 25 grams low-fat ham, ff cheese slice
– 1/2 serving Arthur’s Strawberry Rain smoothie
– Starbucks triple grande vanilla non-fat latte
– carrying with me: pumpkin bran muffin, grapes & light cheddar
– edit: 1/2 serving (20gr) Kettle Chips (krinkle cut, Buffalo Blue Cheese) – I wanted to try them, so I actually got out my scale and measured them out. 🙂
– 1 piece of whatever pizza the boys order
– spinach salad w/ mushrooms, tomatoes, feta & olive oil dressing
– Easter Creme Egg!

27/22+2AP+3FP (I estimate I still have 15FP left, so that leaves me tons of room if this afternoon’s plans change at all)

Activity: gym closed, so extra long walk with the doggie (2)

Water: 2 litres (I did it yesterday, so I’m aiming for day 2!)