Last night went pretty well. I ended up only having one after-dinner drink…but I did have dessert with dinner…so I guess my estimated points worked out about right. Hard to really know on meals like that…but everything was yummy and it was a fab night out for DBF’s bday so I’m not complaining!

Today I busted my ass at the gym like never before, and again have planned out my menu so as to avoid utter disaster when we go out tonight.

– coffee
– Kashi Crunch w/ vanilla Almond Breeze
– “Cocoa Mole” Larabar
– smidge of cottage cheese (finished off the container)
– 1/2 banana
– snackies while friends are over: hummus & baby carrots, multigrain Ritz crisps, REAL extra-old white cheddar & mild cacciatore sausage, grapes
– drinkies while friends are over: vodka sodas & one bottled Mudslide
– drinkies while out: 1 can Strongbow (if I can get it!), vodka sodas

And there has been talk of trying deep fried pepperoni, but I’m only trying it if someone else orders it and I can just have a piece or two!