forgot my pre-gym snack!
so, post-gym:
– 1 coffee
– 1 cup SunRype Fruit+veggie juice – banana pineapple
– 3/4 cup Kashi Crunch w/ 1/2 cup vanilla Almond Breeze
– 1/4 cup ff Lemon yogurt (emptied the container)
– spinach salad w/ strawberries, chopped orange, blackberries, shredded real white cheddar, few chopped almonds & 2 tsp olive oil w/ balsamic for dressing
– toast w/ 1 tsp natural pb
– apple w/ light Laughing Cow wedge
– carrots if I am still hungry
– BBQ steak (we make one big steak and I just take part of it and give the rest to DBF), steamed asparagus, white potatoes au gratin style (I’m thinking up a low-fat scalloped sorta dish)
no god damn cookies. if I want dessert, it’ll be a Tango yogurt or two. maybe fruit if I’m a good girl.


Gym Recap:

Treadmill: C25K, week 5/day 2
– I’m pretty freaking excited that I made it through today with hardly any trouble!
– 5 minute warm-up
– 8:00 run/5:00 recovery/8:00 run (this is the longest I’ve run probably since elementary school!)
(runs @ 5.7mph/recoveries @ 3.7mph….final minute of 2nd run was @ 6mph just to push it)
– 5 minute cooldown

3 full sets of strength training (except for back extensions, only one set today…those things are brutal on my bad back)

StairMaster: just for something different
– level 3, 15 minutes


Walking the dog today! I promise! No sitting here surfing blogs when I have a lull in work…I WILL GET OFF MY ASS AND GET SOME SUNSHINE!