It’s the same as “Diet Pop Cake”…just use Club Soda instead. Still no calories, but also no aspartame.

Mix one box of Betty Crocker French Vanilla cake mix with one can of Club Soda.
(I like to add half the can, then whisk…then the other half, and whisk some more…don’t overmix, a bit lumpy is fine.)

Bake according to package directions.

This time I did it as one 9×13 cake, instead of cupcakes. I broiled it for the last 2 minutes to brown the top a bit. Worked like a charm.

All of these “diet” cakes are crumbly, but if you let them cool all the way, they turn out just fine.

(As I mentioned to Jennifer, I think I’m going to turn them pink next time…they just smell “pink” to me!)