So, I had this activity epiphany just now, and of course I’m being foiled already! I decided that I’m going to set myself a distance goal for the month of May. I’ll be away for 10 days, so that likely means no gym for probably 12-13 days…but I’ve already told my Mom that I’ll be trying to keep up my activity while I’m visiting. This will be relatively easy with most of my Victoria friends, as we plan to go for walks along the Victoria waterfront and through Beacon Hill Park and such…plus I’ll have some time to kill here and there so I can take myself out for practice jogs. While in Nanaimo with my Mom, I plan to try running in the park by my old house (which is hilarious because they made us do this in high school and we all HATED it) and am hoping to get out for walks along the waterfront there as well.

My epiphany was that I need something to track my distance, and since a Nike+ sport kit is only like $35 so I figured that it would be the way to go. (I know some of you don’t like these, but it’s a good price for a gadget so I’m starting there). So I call up the Running Room to see if they have them, but they’ve been sold out for a couple of weeks and he had no idea when they would get more. And to top it off, he is waaaaay backordered on the little clip thingy you need if you don’t have Nike+ shoes because apparently Nova Scotia Power gave all of their employees iPods and Nike+ kits….and they have all shown up needing the clips. Nutty.

Anywho, so then I call SportChek because they are the only other store listed as a Nike+ retailer in Halifax, and they too are sold out. Boooooo.

But I want to start with my fabulous plan TOMORROW!! May-1st dammit! So what do I do?