So last night I ended up not going to my Relay meeting. After a long day of running errands and putting our new patio furniture together I was exhausted. Too bad, I really wanted to go out with my team, but such is life. (Oh but we did go to Darrell’s for lunch, and I had the Turkey-Cran as recommended by Tash, and it was pretty tasty!)

Instead we enjoyed some wine and snacks with our neighbors and it was much more relaxing.

Today, DBF is busy doing boy things with his buddies, so I am spending some time picking out plants and stuff for my planters and looking at lanterns, etc. Eating will be at my own discretion, so I’ll likely just munch on the Greek salad fixings, pitas, and fruit in the fridge. I’m trying to drink lots of apple juice and water as well, because I’m still so damn dehydrated.

Hopefully that big black cloud I can see out there just keeps on floating past our house!