The sun is finally shining like crazy today, so I will definitely be getting out for a walk with the doggie today. Poor guy has been so freaking bored because I’ve either been sick or crazy busy since I got back from vacation. He’s a happy house dog, but loves to get out and stretch his legs once in a while. I’m figuring somewhere around 2km on the BLT Trail this afternoon.

I will still go to the gym this evening though. I want my sticker! Got to get the workouts in when I can, in order to make my 20 days! It’s cardio day again today though, so I will likely repeat Tuesday’s workout….60 minutes broken up between treadmill, elliptical, and erg.

Today’s menu plan:

– apple juice
– coffee
– PC BM bagel w/ light Laughing Cow wedge & sliced tomatoes
– fruit salad w/ dollop of yummy Liberte Svelte vanilla yogurt
– salad with lots of chopped veggies, chickpeas, avacado, & light cheddar
– 1/2 lemon Luna Bar
– leftover Buttery Haddock, smashed taters & steamed fiddleheads
– evening snackie: creamsicle?