Day two with no candy…done! Stuck to the plan for the most part yesterday….had a little extra cereal and a 3 point Luna bar, but I didn’t eat my hummus and my salmon filet was smaller than planned so I think it was still all OP for me. Didn’t go to the gym, got into the mood to work up a sweat pulling dandylions from our sad little corner garden patch then did a major cleaning of my kitchen and two bathrooms. Overall, good day!

TGIF!! Gonna try to get through work reasonably early today so I can get lots of errands done and hopefully a walk or a trip to the gym. I want to finish housecleaning too so I don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the weekend. I plan to be outside as much as possible and don’t want the vacuuming looming over my head. 🙂

Edit: I rock! 🙂 I got a couple hours of work done this morning, then realized that I have a relatively slow day…so before I could change my mind, I put on my gym clothes, filled my water bottle and took myself over to the gym and got a full workout in. Yaaieeee! Now I don’t have to worry about getting my strength training in tomorrow as I normally would…I can focus on playing outside and getting some shopping done. Woooooo!

Today I plan to eat up stuff in my fridge…

– coffeeeeeee
– All Bran bar

– Fibre Eggo topped with Svelte vanilla yogurt & fruit salad

– spinach tossed with marinated tomatoes, cukes & light feta
– topped with crumbled leftover salmon
– 1/2 pita, baby carrots, celery sticks with hummus

– Starbucks grande Double Shot on Ice while shopping
– bag of grapes in my purse just in case 🙂

– tuna noodle casserole
– leftover steamed brocolli

– creamsicle
– maybe peppermint tea