June 2008

What a good night! and a lovely day yesterday! But booooo to the water retention this morning! I saw 155.8 on the scale, which is up 1.2 lbs from last week….not exactly the direction I want to go….but not exactly a surprise either. A whole lotta meaty, cheesy goodness….and not enough veggies and water. Obviously today is the beginning of a week of picking up the pieces. 🙂

Our Eight Week Summer Challenge has now ended. What are we doing now?? I didn’t make my gym goal…I got in 13 of the 20 days I needed in the last 28 days. For Summer I can’t confine myself to indoor activity….although I think that 3 days per week is what still needs to happen. I did however bust through my 50km goal so I’m pretty happy about that! I think some sort of LuluLemon giftie to myself might still be in order for that. haha. 🙂 I still want to get in another 20km before the end of June as my personal challenge, but that shouldn’t be a problem at all.

I’ll be heading off to the gym later this morning, and stopping at the store for a few items to help with today’s recovery plans. We are in need of yogurt and veggies big time.

Todays’ big plan….

– water, water, water
– vitamins
– coffeeeeeeee
– All Bran bar
– cherries & nectarine
– skim milk
– yogurt, cottage cheese, pineapple
– PC BM bagel with light Laughing Cow & sliced tomatoes
– baby carrots & celery
– dinner: grilled asparagus, salad, chicken breasts with havarti & salami
– grapes
– 100 cal pack organic cookies
– peppermint tea

approx 24 points out of 22+AP


The White Russian was yummy, but we opted to skip the pizza because $46 for two pizzas just pisses me off. LOL. Instead we decided to just head over to one of the local chain restaurants….so we chose East Side Marios. Cheaper and I got leftovers. 🙂

Today I got up early, packed my gym bag, grabbed my grocery list and headed out. I got in a good workout of sprint intervals on the treadmill, plus my extended strength training routine….excellent and sweaty!

I then stopped at Starbucks for my new favorite drink…grande DoubleShot on ice with vanilla…soooooo yum!! And I’m such a good girl, I passed up all the treats and just waited til I got home to eat. Which was a challenge because I had to stop at the grocery store for all of the eats for tonight’s get together. I rocked it!! Came home for a tasty Liberte yogurt with muesli and some fresh cherries!

The rest of today will be spent tidying, cleaning, organizing and prepping food for tonight. Thankfully we are having a late start of 8:00 or so….so lots of time to get ready!! I plan to take it easy on the eating all day so I can really enjoy tonight’s food. I am making sangria for the first time in ages, plus lots of cheeses, meats, snacks and yummy goodness.

It should be a good time!
Happy Summer everyone!!

Extremely tired, and seriously bruised from a fall at sea, but he’s here!!

So there will be no menu plan per se today. Pizza is on the agenda as neither of us wants to waste time cooking, and since the sun is out and he has a duty-free bottle of Kaluha I feel a White Russian coming on. 🙂

I’m sure he will end up crashing later this afternoon, so if that happens I will walk the happy puppy…but if he doesn’t, then the dog will be content that Daddy is home.

…so far, so good. In fact, I haven’t even eaten my veggie snack yet so that is good. I can always use it if I get the munchies tonight. Work is keeping me busy so I haven’t been out with the dog yet, but the weather has cleared up today so an evening jaunt may be in order. If he’s lucky, and I finish finally organizing that camping gear, I’ll take him to the local trail for a while. 🙂

I’m sitting down to write out tomorrow’s menu now because I let today get away from me and made some not-so-great choices. Can you say carbfest?! For some reason I bought Teddy Grahams today, and ate like 2/3 of the bag. I have never bought Teddy Grahams before and they weren’t even all that good. Why do we do these things? (hello, bored and lonely cuz DBF is away…or at least that’s today’s excuse…)

Anyway, I also bought a ton of salad fixings, more yummy yogurt, cheese strings, and another big bag of cherries! So I am plenty prepared, and ready to cleanse my system in prepartion for DBF’s return on Friday and the inevitable pizza or dinner out…and wine! 🙂 I already prepped some of the salad fixings and pitted and chopped cherries and a nectarine. I’m in it to win it!


– first things first….huge mothering mug of water! and my multivitamin!
– then I’m allowed to make coffee 🙂
– 1/2 banana while I’m waiting for the coffee
– chopped cherries & nectarine mixed with my Liberte yogurt and muesli cup
– no mid-morning snack…just more water, and apple juice if I think I’m hungry
– before I can have lunch, I have to WALK THE DOG (this will make day 3 this week, which is what I promised him)
– leftover beans & weinies! no toast.
– baby carrots & celery stix & hummus
– more water cuz those beans are salty!
– afternoon snacks I can have a cheese string and a kiwi
– dinner is going to be a MASSIVE salad with TONS of chopped veggies, teriwacky chicken, and light creamy caesar dressing
– water, water, water
– saved enough points for small bowl of cereal for evening snack (Kashi Crunch or Special K Satisfaction)

And there you have it. So it is said, so it shall be done (a la Mrs. Furious).

Well, let’s see what we can wrangle up for today’s meals. I should probably make a run to the store for some sort of dinner veggie, but other than that I think I can make it through the rest of the day. It’s not very nice outside today, so I think a “comfort” dinner is in order.

– coffeeeeee of course
– All Bran Bar
– another Liberte yogurt cup (today with cranberry muesli)
– cherries
– spinach salad topped with leftover Teriwacky chicken
– baked Ritz crackers with hummus
– nectarine
– beans & weinies on toast (hehe….childhood food! Heinz beans with chopped turkey dog on a toasted BM bagel) served with steamed green veggie of some sort
– sliced banana with skim milk & sprinkle of sugar

I’m off the gym sometime soon, for a good treadmill HIIT session and strength training. Not sure about walking the dog, as the weather has turned wet and cold, but we shall see. I still have a million things on my to-do list around the house, so that might take precendence over walking in the rain…mainly because we’re having friends over on Saturday and I need to get my “organizing” put away!

I’ve been mentioning Liberte Yogurt in my menu plan for a few weeks now. OMG…seriously the best yogurt I’ve ever had. Honest.

For some reason they don’t list their Svelte products on their website, but let me tell you…you would never know this stuff is fat-free. It’s thick, smooth, creamy and lovely! I especially love the vanilla flavor (as I am a vanilla freak!). I found the Moka flavor to be a bit too bitter for my taste in yogurt, but it was still good. It is higher in calories than most standard no-fat yogurts, but for the consistency, taste and enjoyment factor I’m totally willing to go for it.

This week the grocery store had the individual sized Muesli cups on sale, so I thought I would try those. They are small containers of 2% vanilla yogurt that come with little portions of organic muesli….today I had chocolate crunch and it was fab, but yesterdays was apple & raisin and it was tasty too. 220 cals for each portion, but eating it with a side of fruit seems to keep me full just long enough…so again, I’m willing to go for it.

I’ll keep trying different Liberte products from now on. Because it’s organic it is more expensive (the good things always are!) but sales seem fairly frequent, and sometimes you just have to pay for the stuff you love.

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