Well, I made it seven months so that’s pretty good….but this stiff neck is going to need some professional intervention I think. Haligonians: do you have a favorite Chiropractor in town? It doesn’t hurt and it’s not causing me any physical issues, but I’ve got a headache that won’t quit…for the third time in a week…and I just know from experience that my neck needs adjusting. Damn.

Anyway, so I slept in BIG TIME this morning. I always seem to do that when DBF goes away. I don’t notice a difference in my sleep, but there must be something because I always end up wicked tired in the morning and can’t drag my ass out of bed. I’ll be working late today now I’m sure.

Food plan, such as it is at the moment:

– OJ
– coffee
– Fibre Source granola bar
– spinach salad tomatoes, chickpeas, cukes, light cheddar & ff ranch dressing
– crackers with goat cheese & red pepper jelly
– grapes
– dinner is leftover steak chunk & steamed brocolli
– evening snack will be Scoops baked with light cheddar, served with salsa & light sour cream (I was craving nachos last night but didn’t have the points for them)
– and lots of water, I’m crazy dehydrated for some reason

If I finish work at a reasonable time, I’ll either go for a walk in the rain or to the gym for some light cardio. Wish me luck on that one!