Why is that we can be so defiant sometimes? Yesterday I just kept playing the same tune in my head over and over….”I’m a big girl. I get to decide what I want. And today I decide that it’s OK to “treat” myself.” Who am I freaking kidding? I “treated” myself to death yesterday…and did nothing to earn the treats (except maybe the whole only 2 hours of sleep thing might have earned me something for being a loving girlfriend).

Just to lay it out on the table…. “Defiant Thursday” went something like this:
– large Tim’s coffee (single, single)
– honey cruller
– coffee at home
– Liberte Svelt vanilla yogurt with blueberries (trying to make up for the donut)
– bowl of leftover ripple chips with onion dip (the dip was made with light sour cream but I ate at least three servings of it and probably four servings of the chips)
– bag of Mike n Ikes
– dinner started out OK….tuna sammich on BM bagel with mushroom soup made with skim milk….but I ate the whole can of soup and fell like ass afterwards.
– then the piece du resistance: DQ Blizzard. Medium. Smarties with extra Smarties.
– I know there was a couple of other things throughout the day that I’m just forgetting now too.

Remind me that I truly felt like a huge, oinky, lactose intolerant pig last night. (I’m not lactose intolerant that I know of but every time I indulge in ice cream in the evening I wind up with an upset stomach.)

Obviously today I’m trying to be less defiant. I guess it’s good that I felt like shit when I went to bed because I woke up with a renewed sense of wanting to feel good.

So….today’s plan is:

– OJ
– coffee
– Liberte Svelt vanilla yogurt with bananas and blueberries
– plum
– leftover tuna salad on crackers
– cukes & baby carrots with hummus
– other 1/2 of banana
– maybe a Fibre Source bar if I need it
– grilled pork loin chop with sauteed onions, some kind of spud, steamed brocolli
– grapes
– tea and Lifestyle Blueberry cookies (these are new!) if I’m so inclined

I haven’t been to the gym since Monday, but I don’t really have time today so I’ll try to get out for a walk for sure.

Here’s to not feeling like ass!

Update: I forgot we are going to the movies tonight (Batman!) so I will be bringing my trusty water bottle and maybe my grapes to the theatre with me. Go me!