August 2008

Yesterday morning we got up at a reasonable hour….DBF made coffee…which was lovely as I haven’t had him around to do that for over a month! We relaxed with our coffees and laid around for a bit while he caught up on a load of laundry and repacked his bag for his trip to visit his son.

We decided to go out for brunch since it was our only other meal together and since neither of us had any desire to cook. We hit up our favorite little diner close to home, where I had a breakfast clubhouse with pan fries and some more coffee. Bigger breaky than I would normally go for, but it was for breaky and lunch so it totally hit the spot.

After I dropped him at the airport for about 2:45 I headed back into town and hit up the gym. I did my Friday routine of hill intervals on the treadmill, followed by my strength training (since I didn’t get to the gym on Friday…had to make up for it). Not quite as sweaty as usual, but still a good workout. My arm is still really bugging me…and will require a few more chiro trips…but it doesn’t seem to affect my workout too much.

Then I stopped at the grocery store to stock up for the week. Lots of veggies, fruit, juice, some new edamame hummus, and a pack of sushi for dinner. Oh, and I found those new After Eight 90 cal Singels bars. Chocolate Mint can be my kryptonite….well, any of those snacky chocolate things can be…which is why I don’t usually buy them…but I’ve been really in control lately so I thought I’d give them a go.

I had an Arthurs Berry Smoothie for my after-gym snack, then the sushi for dinner, and a bowl of Special K later in the evening. I felt snacky but stuck with grapes while watching a movie. 🙂 (Notice I didn’t eat any of the After Eight bars!) Came up short on my water for the day, but that seems to be the way it goes lately…I need to work on that.

Today, I got up late. I took a run over to Starbucks for a latte and came home to enjoy that while reading my book. I had an All Bran bar with it, but now I’m thinking I need an actual meal so I think I’ll use up some veggies and make a small Greek salad. Dinner is going to be a new Rachel Ray recipe for a chicken & spinach casserole which I’ll be able to portion out for the rest of the week.

Right now I’m waiting for a girl to come see one of our Kijiji items…but she’s 45 minutes late so I think if she’s not here by the time I eat my salad, I’ll be adding some protein and hitting the gym. Tomorrow is a holiday and the gym is closed so I think I’ll do extra cardio and a lighter, modified strength routine. The weather is still shitty so it’s a good day to do indoor stuff.

Happy long weekend everyone!


Dinner was lovely. The restaurant was a little different than we expected, but still very nice. The food was excellent, our waiter was very attentive and knowledgable, the wine was perfect (we are picky and generally don’ t agree!) and I didn’t feel like I’d overindulged at all. Loved it.

We were smart and skipped the appetizers. I always feel obligated to order multiple courses at a nice restaurant, which is so silly because then I’m uncomfortable from eating too much. Instead we started with a drink and that hit the spot. Besides, they bring a basket of bread and breadsticks, plus a little veggie & dip plate…so cute!

It’s a traditional European style steakhouse, so you order everything a la carte…which worked out perfectly because we could just share our side dishes. DBF had a dry-aged New York striploin which they cut to size right there at the restaurant. I had a local petite filet mignon. 6 oz is just perfect for me! 🙂 He chose the truffled potatoes, and I chose tempura onion rings and asparagus two ways. Just the right amount of food…in fact, we didn’t even finish the asparagus. Everything was super yummy….but the steak was definitely one of the best I’ve ever had. DBF rated his as in the top 10 for him, but remember he’s from the prairies so he’s had his fair share of good steaks over the years.

After dinner DBF let the waiter convince him to try a specialty Grand Marnier. I hate regular GM…I find it very harsh….but this one was made with some special fancy oranges and aged 15 years….I didn’t try it, but it smelled fantastic. DBF ordered me the creme brulee as he could tell that I wanted it but wasn’t going to order it…haha. I always have to try creme brulee at any good restaurant. Theirs wasn’t the best, but I’d rate it top 5. (And yaaaieee for me, I stopped eating about 1/2 way through because I was full and didn’t need anymore.)

We then walked a few blocks for an after dinner drinky-poo. Just one vodka-soda and then we decided we didn’t feel like being in a hot, crowded restaurant so we came home.

A lovely evening for sure!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Honey is finally home today! 33 days gone. (don’t remind me that he’s leaving again tomorrow though….)

So, in usual Bi0nic family fashion, we have planned ourselves an “uber-date”. This is what we call our date nights that involve fancy restaurants, expensive wines, and slight overindulgence. 🙂

We are going to CUT for a lovely dinner. I can already taste the boconcinni salad and the local filet mignon and the lovely red wine and, and, and…. I’ve heard nothing but fabulous reviews from friends about this restaurant. Mostly about the food, but a lot about the great service and the little extras that they offer (like placing a little hook on the table for a purse to hang on, remembering which coat is yours, walking you to the door at the end of the evening).

Needless to say, today is a planned non-OP day. There will be no counting!

In preparation for the evening I’m carefully making sure to include protein in my breakfast and lunch, and sticking with fruits or veggies for a couple of snacks. I don’t have time for the gym since I need to get as much work done as possible so I don’t have to keep working after I pick DBF from the ship, but I will be doing a few sets of crunches on my ball, tricep dips, lunges and squats….just to make sure I’m all ready for my cute dress tonight!

Did I mention weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

OK, this is the biggest friggin NSV of the month. I’m giving myself the Golden NSV Award 2008 right now. (Fine, I made that up, but I’m so freaking proud of myself.)

I was at the mall….trying to find a cute clutch for my dinner outfit for tomorrow night. (The fact that I didn’t find one is another story…) Smartly, I did eat my dinner right before I went so I wouldn’t be hungry. But who needs to be hungry when there’s the smell of chocolate wafting around the mall.

Normally I would get past those lovely cocoa smells by maybe grabbing a coffee, but I already had a latte today and I didn’t feel like a boring old decaf coffee. So I kept walking, walking, walking. I passed the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory THREE freaking times. Not on purpose, but I swear it’s like the scent of chocolate was dragging me past their display window. I even went downstairs to get away from it (telling myself I was going back to look at another store…haha) but there’s a Laura Secord down there!

Thankfully, Laura doesn’t really do it for me. Too perfect and prissy in her presentation.

But RMCF has big globs of fun fudge, and those macadamia moguls, and bigass tigerbutter cups, and even though I don’t really dig on candy apples those hugeass chocolate and candy covered things they sell just look so damn good.

As I was leaving the mall, I had to go past one last time…but because it was 8:59 I couldn’t bring myself to interupt the poor girl that was trying to close up. Wait, no, screw her! It was MY willpower dammit. If I’d really wanted it, I wouldn’t have cared that she closed in one minute. HA, so ya, yaaaieeee me.

But I have learned that I need to plan that as one of my splurges sometime soon. They don’t show them on the website, but they had cookies there that were loaded up just like those apples….I saw one that was a hugeass choco chip cookie, topped with seafoam candy and then coated in chocolate. Oh. My. God. *drooooooool

Yesterday I just didn’t feel right all day. Lethargic, headachey, and just off. I’ve felt like that quite a bit lately, so hopefully it has something to do with whatever chiropractic problems I’m having and after my visit today things will start to perk up for me.

I ended up working mostly from the couch yesterday and just felt a constant need for a nap. 4:30 came and went, and I was still working and feeling tired so my big plan for an afternoon gym trip didn’t happen. I ended up making dinner early so I’d be ready when the Kijiji guy showed up to look at our fridge (he bought it, thank God!). I’d at least made myself presentable by the time he came.

After he left I was just laying on the couch staring at the TV and decided that was stupid. It’s 8pm, the gym is open til 10pm, get off your ass woman! So I did. Went upstairs, switched into my workout gear (as opposed to the other Lulu gear I was already wearing), filled my water bottle and went. Yaaieeee me.

I had to cut my HIIT a bit short and left one thing out of my strength routine to make sure I didn’t run overtime….we have to be out of the gym BY 10pm. It was still an excellent workout and I’m proud of myself for sucking it up and not just giving in to laying on the stupid couch. Came home for a bowl of yogurt , chopped banana and berries and the best shower I’ve had in a while.

No gym today….have a chiro appointment in a couple of hours and I don’t like to aggrevate things by working out. If the weather was nicer I might go for a walk, but Mother Nature is being a cow this week. No biggie though, my body could use some relaxation once I’m not so stiff anymore.

Eats for today are eating up some stuff from the fridge…

– PC BM bagel w/ natural PB & 1/2 banana
– skim milk
– coffee
– Greek salad w/ light feta & crackers with goat cheese
– granola bar
– grapes
– grilled marinated shrimp, with steamed veggies, maybe some Asian slaw
– Bear Paws & tea

I was invited out for dinner last night, which was a nice change for mid-week! We had planned to go to a nice restaurant downtown, but when we got there they said that we needed reservations. Wha? It’s Tuesday and 3/4 of the restaurant is empty. Apparently they had a few big tables coming in soon. So we ended up just going to the pub across the street….which is fine, but I’d been planning some shellfish or grilled fish or something and at a pub I rarely trust anything that isn’t deep fried. Ordering seafood at a low-end pub always seems like food poisoning just waiting to happen to me. So I ordered the fish & chips. But I only ate one piece, a tiny handful of fries, and the 1/4 cup of coleslaw…then I was full and busy chatting with my friends so happily had the rest packed up for tonight. I didn’t even have a drink…just diet Coke.

I tried to figure it out when I got home, and even if I ate 15 points worth…which I probably did…I was still right on my points for the day. I was busy catching up on blogs and work when I got home so I didn’t even consider an evening snack. This is HUGE for me. haha.

So all in all it worked out.

This night out did cut out my idea to go for a walk last night, but such is life. Visiting with friends overrides a walk most of the time. 🙂

I’ll be heading to the gym late afternoon today. I’m powering through work so hopefully I’ll be done by about 4:30…I want to hit the gym between 5-6pm as I have to be home for a Kijiji guy to come see our fridge. No walks or bike rides since it’s gross, windy & rainy out today.

Today’s menu is pretty easy…

– Starbucks triple grande no-fat vanilla latte (I’m heading out for this right now!)
– All Bran Bar
– grapes
– Italian Soup with croutons
– cucumber slices & what’s left of the baby carrots
– maybe 1/2 banana before the gym if I feel like I need it
– leftover fish & chips
– Bear Paws & skim milk

Because Cat asked! Dare Bear Paws

They are a cookie that is shaped like a Bear Paw! And you should check out their website just because it’s got a fun song…so cute!!

I once got a sample of the chocolate chip variety in the mail. They are soft and chewy and yummy. So when I saw them on sale with the back-to-school treats at the grocery store I couldn’t resist. I got the Brownie flavor and the Banana Bread flavor.

They are wrapped in little packs of 2 pretty decent sized cookies….I’m hard pressed to actually call them a cookie though because they are soft…more like a brownie or even a muffin top. Most varieties are around 210ish cals per pack, so they wind up being like 4 points…but with a coffee, tea or glass of milk they are a yummy afternoon or evening treatie.


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