Thanks to Shrunk’s comments this morning, I was able to stay on track today. Every time I think about that bag of Cheetos or the rest of that Club Soda Cake I think about her comment and how I have to report back here. 🙂 Nothing like guilt to keep you on plan.

So, here it is:

– Bolthouse Berry Smoothie
– coffee
– All Bran Bar (can I just say that I actually prefer the Honey Nut over the Choc Chip)
– 1/2 banana
– leftover hashbrown casserole
– Sweet n Salty PB bar
– cherries
– leftover turkey taco mix in grilled zucchini boats with light sour cream
– skim milk
– Club Soda vanilla cake
– and now I’m snacky so I’m having grapes

25 points – wooooooooooooo

I also went for a great 35 minute walk around the neighborhood. It’s a little wierd walking without the dog…that will take some getting used to. The good part is that I can walk further and faster without the dog pulling me…but I’m not sure that is such a great trade at this point.

So, thanks everyone for the support…keep it coming. 🙂