I’m still here. Still no gym. Still on a crap food bender. This is the worst one in two years I think. Just can’t seem to get a hold on it. I’ll do good all day long, then fall off the plan come dinner time. I guess once I’m done working and my brain can wander, I get sad again and lean on my crappy food choices as some sort of crutch. Argh. I don’t even remember ever being quite this bad pre-WW. I probably was, but just didn’t admit it.

Today was a happier day though. Our two fabulous friends came over and spent the entire afternoon helping me unload all the crap from our garage, sort it all, then move back the keepers in MUCH more organized fashion. The anal, tidy freak in me is so much happier now. It’s freaking amazing. I now have photos of the big “for sale” items and in no time the garage will actually be a garage, not an oversized storage locker.

It was great to have a happy day after the two weeks of unhappy. It will still be lonely tonight without my furry man laying faithfully by my side though. I don’t know if that will ever feel right.

Anyway, food wasn’t even on my mind today. Ate what I wanted and just didn’t give a flying frick. I’m going to bed tonight with a good attitude for the menu tomorrow. Let’s hope I wake up with this same attitude.

(Oh, and my neighbor saw that my bike tires were still flat…from our move, seven months ago…so he pumped them up for me….so now I can drag my sorry cardio-free-for-far-too-long lungs around the block tomorrow.)