Well at least when I’m really busy I’m not stuffing my face.

Last night I didn’t get to bed very early…stupid Big Brother! I took a Tylenol Night capsule to try to knock myself out…I think it worked for about 4 hours….but I still started tossing and turning in the wee hours. Argh. Don’t you hate when you are exhausted but just can’t sleep? So I ended up sleeping in right until I had to start work (well “sleeping” would be pushing it) so no gym for me today. Double Argh.

Anyway, since I got up work has been non-stop, so all I’ve had time for is a bowl of Special K, a blueberry muffin and only one cup of coffee. I’m going to cram in a salad before the next conference call and have another muffin and coffee to tide me over until dinner. Dinner will be those shrimp that I was supposed to have last night, with more salad. Keeping it light because I’m going to the movies tonight…..

I think I’ll pack my water bottle and stop to buy a bag of Baked Lays on my way there. Sour Cream & Onion are better than yucky greasy popcorn anyway, right?

The sun came out briefly this morning but seems to be gone again now. Will we ever get our Summer back? …it’s depressing. If I have time after work, before the movie, and if it doesn’t start raining I will try to get on my bike for a ride….maybe at least to the store for those Baked Lays.

Here’s hoping today’s plan sticks!