I think my scale needs a new battery. It couldn’t make up it’s mind for weigh-in this morning. It fluctuated up and down a whole pound. The first number I saw was 151.4 which was so exciting that I actually giggled out loud. Then it reset and was jumping around between 151.6 and 152.6…I even saw a 154 in there somewhere but I disregarded that! I settled on marking down 152 as a good compromise. Fine with me, since it’s the lowest I’ve been in TWENTY weeks. Yup, I said TWENTY weeks…that is FIVE MONTHS people. Insane. I lost 4 pounds in just this last week. Amazing what six days OP can do for you.


So that’s the good news.

The bad news is that my new gym plan is already failing due to yesterday’s incident. Today I was supposed to go in for one-hour of cardio…which I had already decided I would cut in half and then finish up the strength training I didn’t get to complete yesterday…but when I woke up I still had a niggling headache. It was enough to freak me out and so I didn’t go. I soooooo don’t want a repeat of yesterday.

The timing of this pisses me off to no end. I soooooo have the mojo back for my gym time and this happening now is so annoying. If I’m feeling better after work, I’m going in for the cardio. I’ll have had two full meals plus snacks by then and I’ll just be sure to listen to my body (although yesterday it all happened so fast that I didn’t have time to adjust).

I did get out and mow my lawn last night in the cool evening air after dinner, so that’s something. Just not enough something to get my toning done the way I want. I actually kept myself OP yesterday too….even while making sure to get in protein and carbs and sugars to try to make sure I felt better.

Today I was up early (if I wasn’t going to the gym then I was at least going to catch up on the work I didn’t get done yesterday)…so I started out with my Bolthouse smoothie and some coffee. Next I’m heading down for some Special K vanilla-almond and then my pre-lunch snack will be some fresh pineapple. Lunch is a PC BM bagel with cream cheese & tomatoes. Blueberries need to be eaten up so those will tide me over until dinner. If I do go to the gym I will definitely be eating a granola bar on the way there (and keeping an extra one with me…thanks Jen!). Dinner plan is for a BBQ smokie with raw veggies & hummus for dipping. I need some dairy so maybe some milk with dinner. Evening snack can be grapes, and/or maybe some yogurt or ff ice cream.