Not so much crabby this morning as just feeling blaaaaah. I woke up feeling sort of nausiated…I’m guessing from my late evening workout. I hate that. I guess when I finally get my ass to the doctor I should see if she can check my iron levels and stuff like that. I am sure getting my neck and shoulders adjusted by a chiro will help too.

So yup, got to the gym for around 7pm last night. HIIT on the cross-trainer, followed by my full strength training routine. Week two is so much less painful! Lunges…no problemo. 🙂

Problem was by the time I got home I didn’t feel like cooking a full dinner, so I had another bowl of my Italian soup and some Bear Paws (yummy!). I felt pretty good and got to bed at a relatively decent time. Had an OK sleep until about 7am when I started tossing and turning. I should’ve gotten up, but had no reason to so I didn’t. Then I felt yucky when I did get up. Boooooo.

Anyway, busy work day so taking it easy on my poor body today. I wanted to get out for a walk at noon but I’m still feeling wobbly so I think I’ll wait. Lots of time tonight to get out for some fresh air and a good stretch.

Today’s eats…

– ff vanilla yogurt with blueberries & raspberries
– Special K vanilla almond with vanilla Almond Breeze
– coffee
– grapes
– Italian soup with croutons
– granola bar
– dinner out….not sure yet….
– 🙂