I was invited out for dinner last night, which was a nice change for mid-week! We had planned to go to a nice restaurant downtown, but when we got there they said that we needed reservations. Wha? It’s Tuesday and 3/4 of the restaurant is empty. Apparently they had a few big tables coming in soon. So we ended up just going to the pub across the street….which is fine, but I’d been planning some shellfish or grilled fish or something and at a pub I rarely trust anything that isn’t deep fried. Ordering seafood at a low-end pub always seems like food poisoning just waiting to happen to me. So I ordered the fish & chips. But I only ate one piece, a tiny handful of fries, and the 1/4 cup of coleslaw…then I was full and busy chatting with my friends so happily had the rest packed up for tonight. I didn’t even have a drink…just diet Coke.

I tried to figure it out when I got home, and even if I ate 15 points worth…which I probably did…I was still right on my points for the day. I was busy catching up on blogs and work when I got home so I didn’t even consider an evening snack. This is HUGE for me. haha.

So all in all it worked out.

This night out did cut out my idea to go for a walk last night, but such is life. Visiting with friends overrides a walk most of the time. 🙂

I’ll be heading to the gym late afternoon today. I’m powering through work so hopefully I’ll be done by about 4:30…I want to hit the gym between 5-6pm as I have to be home for a Kijiji guy to come see our fridge. No walks or bike rides since it’s gross, windy & rainy out today.

Today’s menu is pretty easy…

– Starbucks triple grande no-fat vanilla latte (I’m heading out for this right now!)
– All Bran Bar
– grapes
– Italian Soup with croutons
– cucumber slices & what’s left of the baby carrots
– maybe 1/2 banana before the gym if I feel like I need it
– leftover fish & chips
– Bear Paws & skim milk