OK, this is the biggest friggin NSV of the month. I’m giving myself the Golden NSV Award 2008 right now. (Fine, I made that up, but I’m so freaking proud of myself.)

I was at the mall….trying to find a cute clutch for my dinner outfit for tomorrow night. (The fact that I didn’t find one is another story…) Smartly, I did eat my dinner right before I went so I wouldn’t be hungry. But who needs to be hungry when there’s the smell of chocolate wafting around the mall.

Normally I would get past those lovely cocoa smells by maybe grabbing a coffee, but I already had a latte today and I didn’t feel like a boring old decaf coffee. So I kept walking, walking, walking. I passed the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory THREE freaking times. Not on purpose, but I swear it’s like the scent of chocolate was dragging me past their display window. I even went downstairs to get away from it (telling myself I was going back to look at another store…haha) but there’s a Laura Secord down there!

Thankfully, Laura doesn’t really do it for me. Too perfect and prissy in her presentation.

But RMCF has big globs of fun fudge, and those macadamia moguls, and bigass tigerbutter cups, and even though I don’t really dig on candy apples those hugeass chocolate and candy covered things they sell just look so damn good.

As I was leaving the mall, I had to go past one last time…but because it was 8:59 I couldn’t bring myself to interupt the poor girl that was trying to close up. Wait, no, screw her! It was MY willpower dammit. If I’d really wanted it, I wouldn’t have cared that she closed in one minute. HA, so ya, yaaaieeee me.

But I have learned that I need to plan that as one of my splurges sometime soon. They don’t show them on the website, but they had cookies there that were loaded up just like those apples….I saw one that was a hugeass choco chip cookie, topped with seafoam candy and then coated in chocolate. Oh. My. God. *drooooooool