September 2008

I just got back from the gym, and I will admit openly that it was a half-assed effort. I started out on the cross-trainer for my HIIT, but I wasn’t feeling it so after my warm-up and only 5 minutes of HIIT I moved over to the treadmill. I did 10 minutes of 1:1, walking and jogging. I know I could have pushed harder, but the love just wasn’t in it today.

And I only did part of my strength training. My rib/arm/shoulder is still in major discomfort so I’m afraid to do too much…but I totally used it to talk myself out of other stuff too. I still did all of my squats, step ups and abs…but that was it. Booo.

Oh and while I’m here admitting these things, I’ll tell you that I didn’t get to the gym yesterday either. Work ran an hour late (grrr….) and by the time we had dinner I didn’t want to go. I hate going after dinner. Lame.

In other news, we tried those Yves Veggie Breakfast Patties…and I didn’t like them. There was some spice in there that totally turned me off. As a sausage substitute, texture-wise they were OK…for me, it was the nasty seasoning that didn’t work. The omelette on the other hand, was KICK ASS…and I sauteed up some potatoes that were super yummy too.

After dinner I threw together a new batch of bran muffins. DBF likes his straight up, plain…no frills. I like mine all decked out. So I did up a half dozen for him, and then fancied the rest up with shredded zucchini, cocoa, and chocolate chips. To. Die. For. I ate two when I was only supposed to have one, but I missed a snack earlier in the day, so I was still OP for the day.

Today’s menu is using up some stuff in the fridge…

– Starbucks double tall vanilla non-fat latte
– Red River Cereal with pumpkin & natural pb
– Honeycrisp apple (bought at a local farmer’s market)
– “taco” salad…leftover tossed salad topped with leftover chili & light cheddar, light sour cream & salsa
– yummy chocolate zucchini muffin
– sesame rice crackers if I need them
– Balsamic Dijon Chicken Breasts with sauteed mushrooms, steamed brocolli & spinach salad
– pear with light Laughing Cow


Grrrr…..the scale is catching up with me. 153.8 just now. That’s up 1.4 from last week, making an total of 3.8 up for the whole month.

Time to buckle down! Operation Vegas is in full force! 23 days for staying OP and toning, toning, toning.

I’ll have to find time to squeeze the gym in after work today. Mondays are supposed to be a day off but since I didn’t go at all over the weekend, I feel guilty and need an extra cardio day. I made Mondays one of my days off because of my work schedule, so I don’t know when I’m going to be able to go, but I’ll figure it out. Maybe right after work…before dinner.

Dinner is going to be breakfast. I had planned to make spinach & egg white omelettes this weekend but we didn’t have any tomatoes and they just aren’t the same. So I will get DBF to pick up some toms and make the omelettes tonight…serving with Yves veggie breakfast sausage patties….hopefully they are yummy.

Day 1 of 23…today’s goal: no straying from the menu plan.

– fresh pineapple
– coffee
– Red River cereal with natural PB & 1/2 banana (time to break out the Autumn breakies)
– Greek salad (if it’s still good…if not, spinach salad) with ww pita & tzatziki
– pear
– sesame rice crackers with light Laughing Cow
– spinach & egg white omelette, served with Yves veggie breakfast sausage patties
– skim milk
– new batch of bran muffins tonight…maybe zucchini choc chip bran….get to try ONE 🙂

Did you know that Walmart has small containers of Smarties ice cream on for less than $2?

I do.

One of them made their way home in the bag with the heating pad I went to buy last night.

It’s gone now.


Most of my neck/shoulder/upper back issues are actually caused by a rib or two that wind up out of alignment. Most people don’t realize that you have ribs there, but you do! Mine cause me different sorts of pain…this manifestation is the worst for me because it’s tied to the muscles somehow and just turning my head can create an agonizing spurt of pain. Tres annoying.

Having said that, as I finished up work last night I was starting to get into a funk, so rather than sit here feeling sorry for myself I sucked it up and put my workout gear on. I’d already plowed through that box of chocolate almonds (damn cheerleader!) and that didn’t make me feel any better (although they were super yummy!). So I figured worst case scenario I could just walk on the treadmill for an hour, or best case do more. I had to go over there to the pharmacy anyway, so might as well not waste the drive.

And it was fine. I did 25 mins on the treadmill, random setting…even managed to include 10 mins of intervals…1 min jogging/1 min recovery. Then onto the elliptical for another 25 mins…using the cross-trainer setting with a medium resistance. I just had to be careful about turning my head to fast so as to not hurt my shoulder/rib/whatever. I was even able to do the majority of my strength training. I watched my weight and positioning, and changed up how I did my lunges. I have been carrying the 10 or 12 pound bar on my shoulders, so instead I carried a 5lb weight in each hand. I even managed to do two sets of jumping squats.

All good.

I will admit that I did this so late I was starving, so ended up with a cheeseburger for dinner…points wise it was fine…just not the healthiest choice. Oh well. I didn’t snack at all once I got home, so that’s a big deal for me.

Today I’m trying to go back to the chiro and DBF is going to set up the new office chair I bought. I’m hoping it’s better than sitting on this ball. The ball is comfy but I can’t get it to the right height for typing at my computer and I think that’s part of the issue I’m having. No gym today…but maybe a walk later since DBF is home from work and the sun is out….

Menu plan off the cuff….

– coffeeeeeeeeeeeee
– fresh pineapple
– All Bran bar
– Greek salad, ww pita & tzatziki
– sesame rice crackers w/ light Laughing Cow
– apple or pear
– grilled chicken with salad
– some sort of evening treatie

1 – it appears that I’ve thrown out a rib again, which explains the excrutiating pain under my shoulder blade. yippee. this should make gym time interesting.

2 – there is now a box of chocolate covered almonds sitting on my kitchen counter. this is a pitfall of suburban living…the constant onslaught of cute kids soliciting at my door. today is was the cutest 12 year old competitive cheerleader ever.

3 – DBF is at work all night and also just emailed me to let me know that his schedule has changed indefinitely, which leads to self-pity about being alone a lot this Fall and Winter. Boo hoo.

Last night’s dinner concoction involved another recommendation from DBF’s dietician…TVPtextured vegetable protein (aka TSP…textured soy protein). I’d never heard of it, but we think she told him to try it out so that he would still get lots of protein without eating too much red meat, etc. It’s made from defatted soy flour.

Aside from being a high-protein meat substitute, it doesn’t seem to have many other good nutritional properties, so I think we’ll keep it to a once-in-a-while item. I’d personally rather just eat more chicken and beans and watch our portions.

Everything I read online recommended trying it 50/50 with actual meat in a recipe before trying it as a straight replacement, so I made up a batch of chili last night and it turned out pretty good. If no one told me it wasn’t all beef, I wouldn’t have known.

The TVP comes as a bag of dry flakes…looks like smashed up corn flakes. You reconstitute it with water and it puffs up into a meaty texture….now looks like mushy corn flakes. I reconstituted with some beef broth to give it some flavour, then used it in the recipe just like ground beef….browned it right along with the onions & the 1/2 lb of ground beef.

Anyway, so that was last night’s adventure. Didn’t manage to get out for a walk yesterday….work impeded me during the day, and then it was dark by the time we finished dinner. Boooo. I’ll have to make sure to get extra time in at the gym today. I have a chiro appointment so my strength training will have to be reduced so I’ll have extra time for cardio.

DBF is at work overnight so my meal plan is using up some stuff in the fridge….

– coffee
– Kashi Crunch with vanilla soy milk
– fresh pineapple
– Greek salad with tzatziki & ww pita
– Kashi bar
– 1/2 banana before gym
– Butternut squash soup, with Ancient Grains tortilla stuffed with leftover baked black beans
– skim milk
– blueberry bran muffin

Lord help me not snack my face off tonight!

I finally updated my other blog with info and photos from my Mommy’s visit!

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