If I could hug my scale and take it’s picture, I would!! That lovely digital machine showed me this miraculous number this morning. Exactly 150.0. You know what this is? This is my GOAL WEIGHT. This is the number I reached ONCE about a year and a half ago….in fact, it was probably two years ago. It then creeped up about a pound and a half and I have never been able to get back to it for even one week. If my scale ever moved, it was always up…then I would have to fight it back down but could never get past 151 – 152. I was always fine with that, but after the work I’ve put in this month, I’m so excited to see it pay off!!

17 out of 19 days OP. One of those off days was planned, and the other was barely off plan. At least 3 days a week doing HIIT and Strength Training, plus at least 1-2 more days of cardio…sometimes at the gym, and sometimes just getting out to stretch my legs.

Obviously this a good system for me!

Now, to figure out how to maintain this!!