Went to bed after 3am…yes, I wind up doing puttering around when I should be sleeping.

Got up just after 10am, drank orange juice, put on face, went to hairdresser. Breakfast consisted of Starbucks of course! Triple Grande Non Fat Vanilla Latte, and a bite of an oat bar.

2pm, leave hairdresser and shove remainder of oat bar in my starving piehole.

Run a couple of errands, go to chiropractor, attempt to eat the grapes I brought in my purse while stuck in traffic, but grapes are past their prime.

Get home and immediately start long list of chores to prep for Mom’s arrival tomorrow. Make sandwich of two pieces D’Italiano white bread (only 3 points for 2 pieces!), light Miracle Whip, grainy dijon, smoked turkey and light cheddar. Not a sandwichable veggie to be found in the house.

Keep working away on chores, eat plum at like 8pm. Go to grocery store as I must present a healthy fridge for Mom after her all night flight. Wait in godforsaken checkout line for 20 minutes and eventually succumb to Crunchie bar. At least I bought lots of fruit, fixings for a great spinach omelette, and yummy Bolthouse juice….for tomorrow….

Come home. Continue on with remaining chores. Get good workout vacuuming entire three story house. Pause to blog and drink my weight in water.

Finish blogging. Fold laundry. Swiffer Wetjet living room floor. Collapse.

Pick Mom up at airport at 7am. Oh yippee….6am wake-up….it’s now 11:21 and look at all the stuff I still have to do.

I love my Mom.