Yesterday was still a good day, but lunch ended up being a tiny cheeseburger, some fries and a small vanilla shake at The Chickenburger instead of the spinach salad. I had wanted to take Mom there, as it’s just one of those places you should visit when in Halifax…and so we did. 🙂

DBF and I did go for a walk last night though, plus I eliminated a few snacks to help even things out. All in all, I’m pleased with the day.

Today I have a stupid work teleconference to prepare for (yes, you’ve been reading that a lot here…the new bosses are big on these), plus I have a chiro appointment this afternoon, so no gym for me. Hopefully we’ll be able to get another walk in tonight though.

Today’s menu….

– blueberry bran muffin, coffee, fresh canteloupe & strawberries
– lunch will be that spinach salad & pita with hummus from yesterday
– some sort of afternoon snack: All Bran bar maybe
– dinner is tacos! hard shells, extra lean beef, veggies, lotsa salsa, smidge of cheddar & light sour cream, small glass of skim milk
– after dinner maybe some yogurt or grapes or a couple of Lifestyle cookies or something

Oh, and just a minor note: on Monday night DBF went to the store for milk and asked if we wanted anything….I actually started out asking for Dairy Queen but he said he didn’t want any so I decided not to either. Mom got a McFlurry anyway, and it didn’t even phase me! Woooo!