October 2008

Also known as “the day the chocolate treaties leave the house”. Haha!

So, I’m pretty proud of myself. I thought that there was no way I had time for the gym yesterday. I got up late so I couldn’t go in the morning, then I had a massage appointment mid-afternoon which threw off my work day. I worked late to make up for that time, and I still wasn’t done by 6:00. I had a bunch of stuff to get done, and decided that they gym was the thing that had to go.

I finished work…ran to Bulk Barn and Sobeys for last minute baking things…came home, baked off the cookies (at least I’d prepped the dough the night before), made dinner at the same time, decorated the cookies, started carving my pumpkin (cleaned and scooped)…then realized that I’d been so efficient that it was only 8:30 so I hauled my ass out the door to the gym. I only had about an hour when I got there, but I made it worthwhile.

25 minutes on the good elliptical, 15 minutes plus 1 minute cooldown on the recumbant bike. Squats, crunches, lunges, and ab twists in between. Nice. I even managed to read another few chapters of my book for book club while I was there.

Home by 10pm to finish carving my pumpkin, had a relaxing shower, and even squeaked in some TV. Whew.

I did manage to eat a few handfuls of candy corn that was leftover from the cookie decorating, but I’d missed lunch earlier in the day so I think that points-wise it all worked out. Again, not the healthiest choice, but I’m not going to dwell on it.

Today I’m trying to be careful so I can have some treats tonight. I got up super late, so I basically eliminated a meal. No gym today since it’s Halloween…plus I’m taking days off in between so as to not tighten up my muscles that are trying to get better.

Eats for the day (as far as I can tell so far):

– triple grande no-fat vanilla latte
– Kashi Bar
– Honeycrisp apple
– half of a tomato & cheese sammich
– leftover pork loin chops, sauteed onions and mushrooms, steamed asparagus
– couple of Halloween cookies and maybe some wine at a friend’s place tonight
– oh and you know there will be a few chocolate treaties from the treatie bowl!

I need to eat cleaner today. I still feel all lethargic from the weekend and I’m sure a lot of it has to do with my lack of fruits, veggies and water…and fresh air. I can cure the produce issue no problem, I’ll force the water on myself, and if the weather stays dry I might even attempt a quick walk later today. The weather has been total shit since I got back…the pretty part of Fall is definitely over. I do need to get to the gym tonight too, plus have about a zillion things to do around the house (mainly carving my pumpkins!) so hopefully I can fit it all in.

Considering how much pain I was in when I returned from my trip, my neck/arm thing has been doing remarkably well the last couple of days. Makes me think that Massage Therapy might actually be working. Oh please let it be true! I have another session today to tide me through the weekend and I’m really hoping I only have to go once next week. This is driving me to the poorhouse (and probably the nuthouse!) fast.

Busy workday yet again, so I guess that’s all I have time to say today.

Today’s eats:

– water
– coffee
– water
– Liberte Muesli yogurt cup (vanilla with apple crunch) & fresh raspberries
– water
– Italian Wedding soup, multigrain toast with Becel
– carrot sticks
– water
– honeycrisp apple & marble cheddar
– water
– poin loin chops grilled on the foreman, sauteed mushrooms & onions, steamed asparagus, glass of skim milk
– tea and ONE Halloween cookie while baking
(- still points enough for a granola bar before or after the gym if needed)

Today’s goals: water!, gym, no treat sized chocolate bars

Figured I’d better do my usual daily post in addition to my long winded Vegas menu. I’m sure most of you stopped reading a few lines into that one!

FYI: I’m posting actual trip details over on my other blog. Two days done, two more to go.

First, let me toot my horn about getting to the gym last night. Just like I said I would. Even when work ran late and I didn’t want to. I put on my gym clothes and hauled myself over there for a solid and sweaty 65 minutes of cardio…broken up between the good elliptical, the treadmill on inclines, and the recumbant bike…with sets of crunches/squats/ab twists/step-ups in between. Go me.

Eating was so totally OP yesterday too…even including two rolls of rockets as my reward for the day. Of course, not eating dinner until after the gym at 9pm certainly helps curb the evening snacks.

Today has been a bit of a mish-mosh. Opted not to do the gym…only 3-4 days this week, as opposed to the 6 days I was doing before I went away. My neck/arm is doing REALLY well today and I don’t want to jinx it! I didn’t plan my menu today either so I’ve been a bit off kilter…but still OP. Need more produce, but it’s already 9:30 so I’m not sure that will work out. I still have cookies to bake for Halloween!

– coffee
– PC BM bagel with natural PB and squiggle of honey
– Fibre One bar
– All-Bran bar
– deli turkey sammich on multigrain Vitality bread, with light cheese slice & tomatoes
– 4 treat sized choco bars (I knew I would regret buying the Halloween treats 2 days early!)

I think maybe I’ll finish the night off with an apple and cheese….for a bit of dairy and a little more produce. And water….must drink water.

So I spent a little time considering how I possibly lost weight last week. I know I shouldn’t dwell on it, but honestly sometimes the human body is a mysterious thing! I decided to try to list what I ate while I was away, and it helped…turns out that over the 4 days, my calorie intake was actual pretty good. Yay me!

– Kashi bar & dbl tall no-fat vanilla latte at airport
– BK sausage/egg/cheese english muffin @ Montreal airport
– roll of Mentos and mixed nuts on plane
– couple of Halloween size chocolate bars at hotel (I was starving and it was all I had)
– beef soft taco & refried beans for lunch (didn’t eat the rice)
– drank only vodka/sodas at cocktail party, one big scoop of yummy dressed salad topped with big stack of fantastic, fresh crab
– out with the bosses for shared sushi (basically 1 spicy tuna roll and a couple pieces of sashimi) & one $14 cucumber vodka cocktail

– continental breaky spread at exhibit hall: coffee with vanilla syrup & skim milk, OJ, fresh melon & pineapple, croissant & another pastry thingy
– Bill Maher luncheon: salad with champagne vinegrette (so good!), stuffed chicken with some sort of yummy sauce, spinach, fingerling potatoes, just water to drink, about 1/2 of the chocolate mousse cake dessert, and coffee with Splenda and a splash of cream
– afternoon lemonade stand in hall – 2 glasses I think
– we had those Halloween chocolate bars on our booth table, so more than a couple of those (did you know that Americans had no idea what a Coffee Crisp was?)
– exhibit hall cocktail party: couple of vodka/sodas, fresh carved beef for a soft taco piled high with guacamole, tomatoes, cheese and salsa (best year yet for food!)
– 1 glass of champage at after-party

– continental breaky spread again: I added a bowl of granola and skim milk to the mix because I wasn’t sure when we would get lunch
– definitely a couple more of the Halloween chocolates…damn PB cups!
– late lunch – I really wanted a burger but we were outside and it convinced me to order a club salad instead – blue cheese dressing & bacon on there, but not enough to really be concerned. 🙂
– late dinner – the bosses took us to Smith & Wollensky – I opted to skip the appy, I ordered the smallest steak (the gorgonzola filet, and it was still 10 oz!), but it was the kind of place where you share the side dishes, so I had a couple of scoops of truffled macaroni and lots of the green beans with walnuts & goat cheese, shared the creme brule trio with my boss, 2 glasses of pinot noir
– couple more vodka/sodas when we stopped a few times while walking up the Strip after dinner (we needed the walk after all that beef!)

– thought I was meeting the bosses for a meal, so I only got coffee in the hotel
– turns out we were just hanging out by the pool, so I waited to eat…finally got a slice of pizza at Caesar’s Palace around 2pm, with diet Pepsi (yay me!)
– then I started walking and walking and walking
– stopped around 4:30 for Starbucks – iced grande no-fat vanilla latte & an espresso brownie
– then more walking and walking and walking
– finally decided I should get water & a bag of chips around 7:00 (honestly I think I was just being too cheap to eat a real meal)
– more walking
– at the airport, there were like no options in the new terminal I was in, so I had an order of fries from the only little restaurant available (they had huge sub-sandwiches and I just couldn’t face that much food at that time of night)
– then some ginger ale and that tiny little packet of bits n bites on the plane
– after that I think it was just some mixed nuts to tide me over to Halifax, and even then I didn’t really eat much when I got home….of course, that’s because it was now Sunday afternoon and I needed to sleep! so Sunday’s food was next to nothing, which helped even out the rest of the time…so all in all, not the healthiest choices, but it all worked out…apparently. 🙂

Gah, I just got up. Ya, that’s 4 hours late. Guess I’ll be working late again. All that lack of sleep in Vegas, combined with the red-eye flight and the 4 time zones really screwed up my sleeping. Lame. Hopefully I can get to sleep properly tonight and put an end to this.

I know you are patiently waiting the tale of my trip, and I promise I will get to it today, but probably not until tonight. Honestly, it’s mostly work stuff but I’ll do my best to make it interesting. I took next to no pictures, and even the one I took of myself in my dress is blurry. haha.

For now I will just regale you with my menu and plans for today…

– coffee with a bit of hot chocolate mix
– “hot” Mini Wheats (have you seen that commercial yet? they recommend using hot milk. I tried it, it’s OK…sucks up the milk too fast!)
honeycrisp apple (thanks Angie!) with cheddar cheese
Kashi Bar
– leftover maple salmon and Asian Crunch salad
– vanilla yogurt and fresh raspberries
– maybe a Fibre One bar

I really want to get to the gym today too. I’ve officially had a week off and if I wait any longer I’ll start going backwards! My neck and arm are stiff right now, but my massage yesterday worked great and I felt good most of the afternoon and evening (which is amazing because I was in serious pain from all the flying). I’m sitting with my heat pack right now and if it’s loose enough later then I will do my HIIT and strength training. If it’s too stiff I’ll settle for an hour of cardio instead. Not sure when I will fit it in…I’ll have to see how work plays out…but likely right before dinner.

Well, the vacation weight reversal strikes again! Those of you that have been reading for a while may remember that somehow I managed to lose weight during my vacation in May….and also during my highly stressful move from Victoria to Halifax. Not sure how it happens, but I did it again.

Weighed in today after I got back from Massage Therapy. I’d had a granola bar and a bit of water, which is about the same as it would be if I weighed in after the gym like I usually do. The scale showed me the amazing 150.6 lbs. Nutty!

That’s DOWN 1.2 pounds from last week. I’m floored. Vegas wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. I guess it’s due to my lack of actual calories for the last two days, and maybe my body’s reaction to not working out for a week since I’d been working out six days a week. Who knows, but I’ll take it!!

And Mousearoo makes the Weight Watchers newsletter again! They must know that she’s super cool and that we all lurve her very much, so they posted her story one more time for the whole world to see. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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