I hope you all saw the sarcasm in my last post!

Not a lot to report on today. No gym today because my arm is in major pain, I slept in, I have yet another conference call so I can’t skip out in the middle of the day, and we are off to Blue Man Group right after dinner tonight. 🙂

Thank God I’m trying out a new chiropractor tomorrow morning. I’m hoping he is more like my old chiro back home…good old school cracking and twisting! The woman I have been seeing is great, but she doesn’t do much in the way of manual manipulation. She uses her activator device and a lot of massage….which has helped with my jaw and headaches, and feels great…but has not solved my rib/arm/shoulder issue at all….and that’s the most painful!

Oh, does anyone have luck freezing leftover canned pumpkin? I had a couple of containers in the freezer, but when I thawed one for yesterday morning it was gross….all separated and lumpy.

Today’s menu….

– Red River cereal with 1/2 banana & natural PB
– coffee
– leftover spinach salad, ww pita & tzatziki
– zucchini bran muffin
– grilled tenderloin steak, corn on the cob
– a drink or a treatie at Blue Man Group