Ha! Thanks to all of you that showed the love and started “following” yesterday. I feel sooooo special now. hehehehe 🙂

So, since Karen was able to rip off her band-aid and admit to her eating mishap last night, I too will admit that for some Godforsaken reason I indulged in a massive serving of nachos last night after Blue Man Group. I agreed to share, thinking the plate wouldn’t be huge and that the boys might help out…but noooooo, it was gianormous and us girls were the only two eating them. Kudos to DBF for sticking to his diet plan and enjoying his beers as his treat….and boooo to me for not sticking to my plan and shovelling that crap into my piehole.

Oh well, it’s done now.

This morning I took that binge as motivation and when I hit the gym, I hit it harder than I have it a while. Interval cardio on the elliptical, including hills….followed by my ENTIRE strength training routine. Yes, ENTIRE. The whole thing. Not just the parts I felt like doing. And not just half-assing it. Nice!

I also started with my new chiropractor today, and after just one session I can already tell it’s helping. I have to wait until Monday to see him again, but hopefully this weekend is a lot less painful than last weekend was.

My menu plan is totally out of whack today….I’m actually starving right now!

– pre-gym: 1/2 banana
– Starbucks double tall non-fat vanilla latte
– and that’s all I’ve had so far!!!

– veggie sammich….high fibre ww bread, light Laughing Cow, tomatoes, cukes, spinach
– apple
– zucchini bran muffin
– dinner TBD: maybe turkey burgers….
– some sort of evening snack

(hmmm….not a very good plan…it’s really only part of a plan….hmmmm)