Last night’s dinner was homemade chicken burgers (Superstore was out of ground turkey again!). I have this GREAT Rachel Ray turkey burger recipe that we love, but it includes a generous portion of old white cheddar and we were worried that they wouldn’t turn out without our beloved cheesy goodness. But we subbed in one light Babybel per burger and it worked like a hot damn. Nice. The cheese is chopped up and mushed right into the burger, so when they are cooked up on the Foreman grill it gets all gooey and toasty. Soooo yum. Much better than just a stinky ol cheese slice on top.

I also made some potato wedges. I parboiled some spuds, then coated the wedges with some egg whites and seasonings. Cooked on a very well sprayed baking pan at about 400 or so until they got crispy. Not too shabby.

No big plans thought up for today. I have a hair appointment for a trim after work so dinner will be late. I’d like to just grab some take-out or maybe some salads from the grocery store, but we’ll see. Maybe DBF will make something…hahahahahahaha.

It’s quite lovely outside today, so I’m going to try to burn through some work right now so I can go for a walk at lunch. No gym for me today so I gotta do something. In fact, the gym probably won’t happen this weekend since DBF is leaving on Monday and won’t be back until Hell freezes over….stooopid Navy schedule. I’ll have TONS of time to hit the gym for the next month, so I don’t feel bad about missing a day this weekend. Well, maybe a little bad, but not enough to give up time with my boy. 🙂

Hmmm….menu thoughts for today…

– coffee
– All Bran Bar
– apple
– veggie sammich…that one yesterday was super yummy! (light cream cheese is the key!)
– Knorr Rustic Veg soup (awww….an Autumn fave)
– sesame rice crackers & light Laughing Cow
– dinner TBD…maybe Subway, maybe sushi, maybe I’ll get creative in the kitchen
– probably a bowl of cereal later

Edit: DBF just brought me home Subway…not a healthy sub though…but I hadn’t eaten lunch yet so I scarfed it down. I guess dinner will definitely have to be vegerific now!