Boy is my shoulder stiff today. Thankfully my chiro gave me a day off in between appointments!

I managed to squeak in a sweaty 25 minute jaunt on the elliptical at the gym last night. I went in planning on doing about 45 minutes, but I had other things to do so couldn’t stay. It was a good workout for the time though. I’m really enjoying the good elliptical right now (I call it the “good” elliptical because the gym has two types and I find the stride too short on the other ones.) It has all sorts of different settings, and I usually use the variable cross-country, but last night I used the straight intervals and it was a good workout for my legs.

Does anyone else shop at RW&Co fairly regularly? Have you noticed any changes in their sizing? I have bought work clothes there on and off for years…and I used to be at least a size 10…sometimes a 12 depending on the fit of the pants/skirt. Then when I started losing weight I was more like an 8, sometimes 10. I have noticed that often I wear a small shirt there now…but not always. Anyway, I was in there on Saturday trying on every dress on the rack and I was picking up 8s, but the girl was grabbing 6s…and in the end I bought a SIZE FREAKING 4!!! Seriously, even if that’s vanity sizing, it’s amazing. The dress is a form fitting strapless on top, with a bit of a flaired skirt…quite simple…but I’m still having trouble believing it’s a 4.

The dress pants I got are a size 8, and the pencil skirt is a size 6. I bought a size 8 straight skirt there in February and it’s already sloppy big around the waist, which I found odd. My weight has maintained so I’m guessing I’ve lost inches around the middle. I don’t notice in my jeans, etc because I wear them more around my hips. I ran into my trainer last night and asked her if she could pull my measurements from when I started the gym in March so I can get remeasured and see what the deal is.

Anyway, today’s plan is for another lovely walk at lunch (it was crisp, slightly warm and gorgeous yesterday!) and then hopefully a proper cardio/strength workout after work.

Today’s eats…

– Kashi Crunch with vanilla Almond Breeze
– coffeeeeeeeeee
– grapes
– toasted ww english muffin with egg salad
– carrot sticks
– mini-banana
– leftover pork loin chop, steamed brocolli, roasted spuds
– club soda cupcake

Today’s goals…3 litres of water, walk, stay on plan

PS: I finally updated my other blog if you are interested…