I just ate McDonald’s for dinner. (Who knew how freaking HUGE a large fries is? I ate em all anyway!) Yes, I have leftovers in the fridge I could’ve eaten, but I was out and scrambling and the drive-thru was right there.


Not the start to Vegas week that I had anticipated. Oh well.

The plan for tomorrow:

– I have to be at the airport by about 4:45am, so if there’s any food at all it will only be a Kashi bar (too early for food!). Water in the car on the way there (gotta hydrate early!) Maybe a juice once I’m through security and waiting at the gate.

– Layover for two hours in Montreal…so this will be where I seek out Starbucks and probably some kind of sandwich. I’ll pick up some Mentos and another snack for the longer flight to Vegas. Also, more water for the flight (they never bring enough when they come around).

– There will be ginger ale. It’s my “thing” when I fly.

– Once I’m in Vegas, I’m meeting the bosses for lunch. I will eat whatever I damn well please because I’ll be tired and grouchy. Must put on happy face for the new honchos.

– Then I get to have a glorious nap and a glorious shower. Woooooo.

– Followed by a fun cocktail party with free drinkies and tasty appies and such….wearing my new SIZE FREAKING 4 dress and fun gold strappy shoes. 🙂

– Then I will fall down and sleep until having to get up at 5:30am for a 14 hour work day. Yippee.