Bad news is: DBF left again this morning.

Good news is: it’s BEAUTIFUL outside…sunny and crisp.

Bad news is: my massage therapist is sick and cancelled the appointment I was so desparately looking forward to.

Good news is: I already got a full hour cardio workout in this morning.

Our weekend flew by, but it was great while we had it. Friday night I saw Feist with some girlfriends, then Saturday night a group of us had a fantastic dinner out. Yesterday DBF and I enjoyed just lazing around the house and spending the day together. I’m not even going to discuss food because it would just put a black mark on an otherwise lovely weekend. 🙂

I’m also going to refrain from being angry with my scale telling me that I’m up 3.2 pounds this week. Stinky number that is for sure due to some poor choices this weekend….but it will be rectified this week while I drink water and watch my sodium intake.

Got my workout in this morning after I dropped DBF off at work. Just cardio today, but a good full sweaty hour. 🙂 The gym is closed tomorrow, but I’m aiming to get in there again on Wed, Fri and one day over the weekend. Next week I want to work on getting back on my strength training routine, as that seems to have fallen apart since I went to Vegas. I am also thinking about trying out a couple of Hot Yoga classes….I need to find something else to work on this arm/neck issue I have and warm stretching is really the best thing I can think of right now…plus I sort of miss yoga as it’s been a couple of years since I attended classes. It’s reasonably priced and the commitment is short so even if it doesn’t work out, it won’t have cost me a bundle or anything.

The fridge is full of all kinds of leftovers right now…so I’ll probably have a mish-mosh of a menu for the next couple of days. Tonight I might be going for dinner with some girlfriends, but that is yet to be confirmed so I have an alternate meal plan just in case.

Today’s eats:

– Fibre Source granola bar pre-gym
– coffee
– 1/2 banana
– Mini Wheats with warm skim milk
– leftover Chunky chicken veg soup, crackers with light Laughing Cow
– carrot sticks
– if dinner out, then something yummy here …otherwise leftover beef & brocolli with a scoop of pork fried rice and the last of the won ton soup.