First…two outta five ain’t bad right? haha, ya OK it’s not really so good though either is it?

I’m talking about my gym routine. I’d aimed for five days in a row. I got two… Thurs and Friday. I honestly had every intention of going on Saturday (my gear is packed and in my car), but after enjoying a birthday trip to Starbucks and some birthday shopping I couldn’t face the insane Christmas shopper traffic anymore and never made it to the gym. Of course I justified this by saying I could go on Sunday, but I didn’t even leave the house today. ooooooops!

If memory serves, Thursday and Friday wound up OK foodwise…not perfect but good enough. I hit the gym hard both days. Thursday I did my full strength training routine for the first time in weeks, so I added an extra 1/2 hour of cardio to make sure I was limber enough. Friday I went back and did the same but didn’t have time for the extra cardio. It felt good.

Yesterday was my actual birthday and I had my sleepover party. 🙂 Food was plentiful because there were a few people that couldn’t make it at the last minute. Too. Much. Candy. But points don’t count on your birthday right? Especially the ones in the 4 fruity martinis I had!

Today was the laziest day ever (due to sideways rain and wind that I thought was going to rip the house from it’s foundation), and I am totally OK with that. 🙂