Weighed in at 154.2 this morning. That is down .8 lbs from last week. How does this happen when I ate like a monster this weekend (and most of the week!)? haha, I’ll take it though.

Yesterday I did absolutely nothing after my overnight guests left. I had already tidied up in the morning, so spent the afternoon and evening reading and watching the tube. Ate the leftover Mexi-dip (so freaking yummy) with multigrain Tostitos (also so freaking yummy) and a fair amount of the leftover candy. The weather was atrocious so there was no way I was leaving the house. Loved it.

Today I’m back on track (of course! because it’s Monday!). Water Water Water. Careful, cleaner eating. Definitely a trip to the gym tonight. Woooooo!

The menu plan:

– water
– coffee
– water
– smoothie: 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup blueberries, couple of strawberries, 1 cup vanilla Silk soy milk, maybe some flax
– water
– 2 leftover spanakopita, mixed greens & tomato salad with Greek dressing
– walk to mailbox
– water
– Laclerc granola bar
– water
– early dinner: turkey sausage, mushroom, onion, baby yellow potato sauteed all together…with a little cheese on top 🙂
– water
– water water water
– either grapes or an apple with some cheese

The gym plan:

– 10 minutes rowing machine
– 20 minutes treadmill intervals (it’s been FOREVER since I did this)
– full strength training routine, heavy on the abs
– 20 minutes good elliptical
– 10 minute cool down recumbant bike
– stretching like there’s no tomorrow 🙂