Today will be just like yesterday…on point and on plan! The workout will be lighter though…hello rest for the muscles. đŸ™‚ I had planned to maybe try hot yoga tonight, but we are currently having our first snow of the season so we shall see how that pans out and then decide from there. (I don’t get my winter tires until Friday…and since I’m a West Coaster I’m a bit of a sissy driving in the snow.) If I don’t go to yoga, but still leave the house I will go to the gym for an hour of cardio. If I end up staying home, I will either dig out a yoga podcast or maybe go for a walk in the snow. We shall see!

Today’s menu plan:

– water water water
– coffee
– smoothie: 1/2 banana, few strawberries, few chunks of fresh frozen pineapple, 3/4 cup valencia OJ, 1/4 cup vanilla yogurt
Leclerc cranberry & dark chocolate granola bar
– leftover salmon puff & spanakopita, mixed greens with tomatoes & Greek dressing
– couple slices leftover dill havarti
– grilled turkey sausage, steamed brocolli, baby yellow spuds
– tea
– grapes or apple if needed