Hump day of the week, as well as hump day for OP for me. I’ve mentioned before that usually if I can get past the three day hump, then I can do well for at least a few weeks. I feel confident that I’ll get through today no problem.

Yesterday went almost perfectly according to plan. There was a small run-in with some leftover malt balls and gummy bears, but nothing major. I did get my full hour of sweaty cardio in at the gym as planned so I felt good. The gym was crazy busy, which I found odd for a Tuesday…but I guess maybe now that the shitty weather has arrived more people will be turning indoors for their activity. I ended up having to start on the recumbant bike because all of the treadmills, crosstrainers and ellipticals were busy…nutty. I’ll be heading back tonight for 30 minutes of cardio and my full strength training routine again.

Oh, the snow didn’t stick or stay. Today it’s back to wind and torrential sideways downpours. Yuck. I do get my snow tires on Friday though so I’m pretty excited about that.

Ang & Les: the hot yoga classes I’m looking at are offered at Breathing Space at West End Mall (I think they offer them at their Bedford location as well). If you are at all interested in giving it a try please let me know. I will continue to procrastinate because I prefer to try these new things with friends! You just buy a punchcard of 6 or 10 sessions (or you can just do a drop-in) to be used for whatever class you want, whenever you want. It doesn’t have to be just the hot classes.

Today’s eats:

– coffee
– Leclerc granola bar (JavaChick: I’d say I like them about the same as the Kashi ones)
– smoothie: same as yesterday
– PC BM bagel with light cream cheese & tomato
– grapes
Seafood Trio en papillote (I never did get to try this when they had them earlier in the year)
– mixed green salad with tomatoes, radishes & olive oil dressing
– something after the gym: probably Kashi Crunch