Yup, latte…and I’m enjoying every sip. Love it! It’s so nice and clear outside that I needed to just get out for some air…even in the crazy wind…so I opted for a latte for breakfast. πŸ™‚ (I love that my vanilla and extra espresso shot are free when I use my registered Starbucks card!)

My stiff/sore arm/shoulder has reared it’s ugly head again. Sorta. I don’t think I mentioned (I didn’t want to jinx it) that it was finally getting better. I took a break from massage and with all the time away from the gym, it was loosening up. Still a little stiff, but not so much with the agonizing shooting pain. Well, it’s trying to come back…probably due to all the shoveling…which didn’t so much hurt at the time, but this whole thing is caused by tight muscles and such so I guess it took a couple of days to kick in. Booo. So again, no gym for me as I was sitting on my couch with a heat pack yet again. Argh. Back to massage tomorrow.

Oh, just a quick product review…the Campbell’s Healthy Request Thai Chicken soup in the ready to serve bowl was NOT good. Bland and greasy. Yuck. I didn’t even finish it.

I have a TON of work to do today so I should get at it. Happy Hump Day.

Today’s menu plan:

– triple grande vanilla non-fat latte
– zucchini chocolate bran muffin
– egg salad on crackers
– grapes
– homemade beef stew, ww bun w/ butter
– tea & another muffin