December 2008

That’s how much accountability I’ve had this past two weeks…NONE. Hands down biggest fall from the wagon I’ve ever had. Seriously people, once I got to my Mom’s it was like all bets were off. I was eating bloody shortbread cookies for breakfast with my coffee. And chips n dip like I would never see them again. Not to mention that my Mom makes the best turkey sammiches on squishy white bread. Yikes. I will know the damage for sure when I weigh in on January 2nd.

I chose January 2nd because it’s going to take until at least then to get through a few more obstacles and to do a proper grocery shop. Good news is that I’ve heard the snow has subsided in Halifax so I will be able to hit the gym hard for a few days before getting back to work….and then DBF is back to work too (and not at sea for a couple of weeks) so I can go back to my early morning workouts when I drive him to work. I’m pretty excited about it!! I also got a copy of the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD (thanks Mom!) for those days when Mother Nature chooses to keep me from driving to the gym. In fact, my plan is to use it in combination with my gym routine so as to speed the return of my less-squishy tummy. Actually I’d like to go beyond where I was. No sense in staying at a mediocre place!

I know I’ve gained a few pounds but nothing too hard to get rid of. My concern isn’t so much my weigh-in as it is the state of my body at the moment. I’ve certainly lost muscle mass and my tummy is soft and my rear love handles are trying to creep back in. Not OK!

This is not a New Years resolution, just a long-delayed accountability post. I’ve been getting so comfortable with the poor choices that I didn’t even hear that little voice in the back of my head reminding me that what I was eating was a bad idea. Today I heard that voice tell me to get my hand out of the cookie jar when I reached for a third cookie and man was I glad to hear it. Time to pay attention!


Merry Christmas Everyone! May you all have a fantastic holiday involving no tummy aches!

Hi all! Happy Christmas Eve!!

I know I’ve neglected my posting duties for a few days so I thought I should try to catch up a little bit. It’s been five days that I haven’t been checking in with accounts of my holiday eating adventures. Ooooops.

First, I have to say that I don’t know why I carted my gym clothes and shoes across the country because I have had absolutely no opportunity to use them. My friend has a brand new gym in her condo building which we had planned to use for at least a couple of days, but between my working, our Christmas shopping, and visiting there was no time. Argh. I haven’t even done near as much walking as I would have liked because of the crappy weather. I think I know what I’ll be doing as soon as I’m back in Halifax and New Years is over. I miss the cardio dammit. (ha, who knew?!)

Food was doing not too shabby for a couple of days but it has fallen astray since I last checked in…

– Friday was my last work day while sitting at my girlfriend’s place. I had Kashi Crunch and tea for breakfast, a lovely salad from the grocery store with a small crusty bun and balsamic dressing for lunch, an egg nog misto of course, and 8 chocolate coated mini pretzels(yes, I counted them!). My evening plans fell through due to weather so I ended up doing an evening visit to see my friends’ new baby where I declined a beer but did eat two Turtles (couldn’t be rude!). When we got home that night we were starving so opted for late night Chinese food. Found a restaurant neither of us had ever tried…so good and fresh! Wonton soup, chop suey, a bit of chow mein, and the evil sweet & sour pork. Stayed up until 2am watching Pearl Harbour….and didn’t have that dried out, dehydrated “I just ate Chinese food” feeling. Nice. Also drank about 4 pint glasses of water.

– Saturday started with a cup of Candy Cane Lane tea and some more water. I helped my girlfriend assemble sandwiches that she was going to hand out to the homeless (what a girl!). We got dropped off downtown and I was just standing in line for my daily dose of egg nog misto, when I got a call to meet her and our other friends for lunch instead. We hit up a new Irish pub in town where I had a panini with tomato, bacon, pesto & brie served with a small salad and a cup of homemade beef barley soup. We warmed up with coffee & a shot of Baileys. Yummm! After lunch I got my misto while we walked downtown in the freaking cold and did some shopping. Back at her place I think we had tea to tide us over….then headed out for dinner with a group of friends at 7:30. We had a few martinis, a fancy coffee, shared a warm dip and some pita…because of all that I opted for spinach salad with grilled prawns for my main meal. Of course, we ended up sharing an apple crumble for dessert and had a few more drinks. 🙂

– Sunday was a totally lazy day of watching TV and eating the leftover Chinese food. In the afternoon we opted to pick up more Starbucks…a venti egg nog misto for me, and there might have been another choc chunk cookie. Didn’t bother with dinner as I was attending another friend’s annual Gingerbread House party where I indulged in a few treats and some seriously fabulous gourmet cheese…amazing. I had one glass of red wine and one shot of homemade Irish Cream that I sipped on. Delightful!!

– Monday morning I got back to the Kashi. It was my travel day up to Nanaimo to stay with my Mom, so I got another venti egg nog misto for the ride….plus grabbed an apple and a small bag of peanuts. I still have the apple. haha. Dinner at Mom’s was just tomato soup and grilled cheese…best snow meal ever. 🙂 Of course, we got into the Christmas Eggies and Cheetos a little later in the evening. ooooops.

– And finally yesterday….didn’t have time for breakfast…slept in and then had to shovel Mom’s car out (dammit I thought I left the shoveling in Nova Scotia!). I did convince her we had time for my crack, er I mean caffeine, stop at the new Starbucks here…so yes folks you guessed it…a grande egg nog misto for me. But then we were tied up with a few appointments so didn’t actually eat a meal until after 4pm. My eyes were bigger than my stomach and I ordered my favorite bacon & cheddar burger at White Spot…with fries, AND the add of of zucchini stix and a small caesar salad. I was freaking stuffed and never even touched the salad. Late night last night I got snacky again though and we were into the Christmas candy and a fairly hefty sized shortbread cookie.

Man, that was a lot and now that I’ve written it out it all sounds terrible. I need me some veggies!! So far today I’ve had a coffee with Baileys and I’m sipping on my second cup with just a splooooosh (haha, Jen that sploosh is for you!) of egg nog. This is the first day since I’ve been on holiday that I haven’t been to Starbucks…lol…mainly due to weather and the fact that Mom actually has a coffee maker! I think I’m going to rummage around Mom’s fridge for a healthy brunch…I know I saw yogurts and english muffins in there. Tonight is our family Christmas gathering where we open gifties and stuff our faces. There are lots of cheeses, meats, dips, chips, crackers oh my! I’ll try to stick close to the veggie tray! I do all of the prep so I can actually load my plate before anyone else does…then I try to stay out of the dining room so I’m not randomly nibbling. Oh boy!

As an aside I would like you to know that the snow here is insane. There was already like 4 feet of it, then it snowed another 4 inches overnight and it’s been snowing all day with no apparent chance of stopping. Craziness!

OK, that was an eyefull of reading for whoever managed to make it this far.

Merry Christmas to all!!!

Hey now that last post was just a clarification, not an apology. haha. I’m proud to be a corporate whore! Not sure why, but I am. LOL.

Yesterday went pretty OK food wise. I did indulge in another chocolate chunk cookie though so it’s a good thing dinner was healthy and not too big. I met my girlfriend for my daily grande egg nog misto at Starbucks and that’s where I picked up the bigass cookie…ate about 1/2 of it then. Afterwards I grabbed a second misto and wandered over to the Market next door to get some lunch. Unfortunately they didn’t have much in the way of salads in the deli, so I opted for a wild salmon roll (think sausage roll but with salmon…from a yummy local bakery) and a scoop of what was supposed to be salmon pasta salad but turned out to be shrimp…still yummy though. Obviously way more carb heavy than I would have liked, but small portions so I’m not overly concerned. My second coffee carried me through the whole afternoon.

Dinner was an impromptu meal at another girlfriend’s house. My trip to see Xmas lights was postponed to tonight (hopefully!) so I met up with a different friend. She’s 8 months pregnant (doesn’t look a day over 6 months!), a vegetarian, and a healthy girl. She put together this crazy polenta casserole with all kinds of roasted tomatoes, red peppers, carmelized onions….then topped with fresh herbs and goat cheese. She kept talking about how she was just using up stuff she had on hand, but it was fabulous. I had a big scoop and left it at that. After dinner we just had some tea. Very nice! Oh, I finished the cookie when I got home. tee hee.

I’ve moved to another friend’s place for the next few days. So yesterday she picked me up my Kashi Crunch and vanilla Almond Breeze…what a doll! I was missing it and have had my fill of toast over the last few days. So cereal this morning with a cup of Candy Cane Lane tea (thanks Angie…I found it and it’s super yum!). I’ll be popping over to the local Starbucks soon for my actual caffeine fix and there’s a different grocery store over here so hopefully I’ll find a salad for lunch. Dinner is up in the air depending on what I end up doing tonight. I was thinking maybe something Mexican…I guess we shall see!

…all the extra Starbucks…

If I was at home working, I’d have two cups of coffee in the morning. However, I’m camping out with some gracious friends who do not drink regular coffee at home so I am having to supplement my caffeine needs with tea in the mornings. And let me tell you that when you are used to a couple of cups of joe…tea don’t cut it! 🙂

So therefore I have to cough up a few bucks for a coffee down the block…and believe it or not Starbucks is the closest coffee joint (that I know of anyway). 🙂

At least I’m getting a good 20 minute walk in for each trip I make!

Why is it that socializing almost always takes place around food?

So yesterday the snow actually stopped by the time I finished writing my post, so I was able to bundle up and wander down the street for my caffeine fix. I actually got a Venti egg nog misto because I felt the need for the extra coffee. Yum! And admittedly I did succumb to the big-ass 11 point chocolate chunk cookie which I ate while on my conference call…and enjoyed every last bite!

I wouldn’t feel so guilty about the cookie if I hadn’t been going for an indulgent dinner too…hehe. Our plans for Butchart Gardens fell through because although the snow in the city wasn’t amounting to anything, it was a white-out along the highway and out to the Gardens. So we opted to stay in town for a nice dinner instead. I walked to the restaurant (it was a bit snowy, but nothing crazy) and it was a good bit of heart pumping…but not near enough to make up for my lack of exercise so far! It was nice being out in the cold air though.

For dinner I had my dessert first…hot chocolate with Bailey’s to warm up. 🙂 I only had one sliver of bread with olive tapenade, then ordered the hazlenut crusted goat cheese on mixed greens for my appy…so freaking good. I tried to get my girlfriends to share it but they each barely took a nibble. haha. I tried a piece of my friend’s appy too….toasted bread with melted cambozola and roasted garlic. Also freaking good. My main was salmon with mozza cheese and capers…sounds odd but it was pretty good. Came with some mashed taters and roasted veggies, but I was getting pretty full so I only ate about half of it all. Oh, two of us also shared a 1/2 litre of red wine….so I think I had two glasses….plus a limoncello martini. 🙂 Thankfully they weren’t offering creme brulle so I passed on dessert.

This morning I had another Tazo BlossomBerry white tea and two pieces of the Silver Hills 16 Grain toast…one with natural PB, the other with the cashew butter. Yum and healthy…love it! I’m meeting a girlfriend for Starbucks and a visit around 1:00, so I’ll be getting my daily dose of egg nog misto and will try to resist the baked goodies today! I think I will stop at the Market for something for lunch too….not sure what they have there but I’m sure the deli will have something resembling a salad. 🙂 Dinner tonight is totally up in the air, but I’m planning for cheap and easy. Then I’m supposed to go out to drive around and see Xmas lights with some friends so I’m sure there will be tea or coffee or hot chocolate or something!

So last night’s dinner was exactly what I wanted. I love that soup! and just as predicted, my salad was freaking delish. It has sunflower sprouts, which I love, and chickpeas and sunflower seeds and tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoes even in Winter and slices of english cuke….and their creamy lemon feta dressing is the best dressing ever. Yummmmm. 🙂 Of course, we did manage to include a bowl of mixed fries (regular & sweet potato) with some yummy chipotle mayo and I had one Strongbow. 🙂

After dinner a few of the gang had some packing to do, so my girlfriend and I opted to hit up our favorite Starbucks (yes, I have issues) where I had just a decaf tall no-fat vanilla latte. I call it my dairy serving for the day. 🙂

Oh I forgot to mention that after my lunch I did stop for my Starbucks (so yes, that was Starbucks twice in one day) grande egg nog coffee misto and I ended up getting a fan-freaking-tastic apple fritter. I have started forgetting how much better some of the baked treats are at Victoria locations because nothing in the Halifax stores ever appeals to me. Probably a good thing!

Speaking of lunch, yesterday’s was super yummy. There’s this little tiny fresh Mexican place downtown, where you get 5 small fresh tacos for 5 bucks. It was there before I moved but because I lived in the boonies I rarely made it into town for lunch. They serve these little 3-4 inch fresh corn tortillas topped with meat (I had chicken) in their special seasoning, with salsa, cilantro and fresh lime wedges. They were out of guac yesterday but I didn’t need it. Perfect little lunch.

Today I went with two slices of the Silver Hills 16 grain toast with schmears of natural PB and a cup of pekoe tea. My hosts have a bag of hazlenuts here so I thought I’d try a few and it seems as though they are somewhat candied and taste like apple cinnamon, so I had about 1/3 cup of those. For lunch I have my leftover chicken soup with two rice dumplings…can’t wait!! I was going to toddle down the block for a coffee of some sort but it’s been raining gross all morning and the snow has actually started up again since I’ve been typing (we’re supposed to get another 15cm…blech….Victoria is so not prepared for this stuff!) so probably no coffee for me. Oh well.

Tonight I’m supposed to be hitting up Butchart Gardens with my girlfriends where we would walk around and check out the 12 Days of Xmas light vignets and then have a yummy decadent dinner at The Dining Room….but right now we are waiting to see how the weather goes. The Gardens are way out of town in a rural area that won’t get plowed or anything so we may have to opt to stay in the city instead. Either way, dinner will be a splurge!

Has the snow started in Hali yet?

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