Hey now that last post was just a clarification, not an apology. haha. I’m proud to be a corporate whore! Not sure why, but I am. LOL.

Yesterday went pretty OK food wise. I did indulge in another chocolate chunk cookie though so it’s a good thing dinner was healthy and not too big. I met my girlfriend for my daily grande egg nog misto at Starbucks and that’s where I picked up the bigass cookie…ate about 1/2 of it then. Afterwards I grabbed a second misto and wandered over to the Market next door to get some lunch. Unfortunately they didn’t have much in the way of salads in the deli, so I opted for a wild salmon roll (think sausage roll but with salmon…from a yummy local bakery) and a scoop of what was supposed to be salmon pasta salad but turned out to be shrimp…still yummy though. Obviously way more carb heavy than I would have liked, but small portions so I’m not overly concerned. My second coffee carried me through the whole afternoon.

Dinner was an impromptu meal at another girlfriend’s house. My trip to see Xmas lights was postponed to tonight (hopefully!) so I met up with a different friend. She’s 8 months pregnant (doesn’t look a day over 6 months!), a vegetarian, and a healthy girl. She put together this crazy polenta casserole with all kinds of roasted tomatoes, red peppers, carmelized onions….then topped with fresh herbs and goat cheese. She kept talking about how she was just using up stuff she had on hand, but it was fabulous. I had a big scoop and left it at that. After dinner we just had some tea. Very nice! Oh, I finished the cookie when I got home. tee hee.

I’ve moved to another friend’s place for the next few days. So yesterday she picked me up my Kashi Crunch and vanilla Almond Breeze…what a doll! I was missing it and have had my fill of toast over the last few days. So cereal this morning with a cup of Candy Cane Lane tea (thanks Angie…I found it and it’s super yum!). I’ll be popping over to the local Starbucks soon for my actual caffeine fix and there’s a different grocery store over here so hopefully I’ll find a salad for lunch. Dinner is up in the air depending on what I end up doing tonight. I was thinking maybe something Mexican…I guess we shall see!