January 2009

OMG, did we eat a lot last night or what?! Geeeze. First off, I had a glass of wine because my dinner companions were late and I needed to have a drink in my hand so as to not feel obvious just sitting there by myself for almost half an hour. Then they arrived and I ordered a second glass when they ordered their drinks. We decided on sharing a mezza (tapas) platter plus a few extra dishes. It was a lot of food. Most of it healthy (I love fatouche salad!) but of course fairly carb heavy with the pitas and chickpeas and fava beans, etc. This place makes the best freaking hummus though….I dipped almost everything in it. The desserts are to die for too…so we opted to order two between the three of us….I had two bites of the world’s moistest carrot cake and about 1/4 of the hugeass piece of chocolate layer cake. I’m still full.

We didn’t make it to the movie, but I still want to see it.

Today I’m trying to get work done this morning because I have to take my car in for it’s mandatory inspection this afternoon. Stupid Nova Scotia sticker needed on the window. I need to figure out how I can push the annual renewal to April so I can just get it done with my usual oil change and winter tire removal, instead of having a special trip for February. It’s just such a time sucker going there….things that are scheduled for an hour always end up taking way longer.

Anyway, I’ll probably kill that time with some magazines and tea at Timmy’s. The goal for today will be to avoid the Tim’s cookies. It’s so hard!!

No big plans tonight and I’m fine with that. Maybe I’ll actually get a workout in…lord knows I need to loosen up after all that shoveling and ice smashing yesterday. My body is not impressed with me right now. I’m already looking forward to warm yoga on Sunday! Girls, we are going right??

Haven’t put much thought into today’s menu….so here it is on the fly…

– coffeeeeeeeeee
– water (I’m extra thirsty after all that food last night)
Organic Daybreak cereal with unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze
– grapes
– tea and I’ll bring my own Fibre Source granola bar
– late lunch of celery, baby carrots, crackers & hummus
– leftover shrimp & scallop cake served with sauteed red chard and easy homemade tartar sauce
– Source ff lemon yogurt with fresh blackberries
– maybe more grapes or something if still snacky

(approx 22 points….if I do get to work out I’ll add in another protein filled snack)


Man. I think I’d rather have the 4 feet of snow back. I know…bite my tongue! But Jesus. Last night we did get the predicted snow on top of all the ice we already had…then it rained all night on top of the snow, then froze. Yippee. Wouldn’t be so bad, but the plow managed to go by a couple of times before it rained so the usual heap of snow in the mouth of driveway was hard and heavy. Had to smash it all repeatedly with the shovel before I could scrape it up. Annoying and heavy. I managed to make a path just wide enough to fit the car through. I’ll have to keep working on trying to make it wider…argh.

Anywho. I’m here to admit that I’m a slacker. I didn’t do any of the exercise options I had laid out yesterday. Basically I made dinner, laid down on the couch, got up to make brownies, laid down on the couch, got up to get some more brownies, and laid on the couch. I suck. Oh well. Did you know that Betty Crocker low-fat brownies are only 2 points even when made with the egg? Nice. Of course, I ate like 5. Then felt shitty. So I saved only the edge pieces that I love and hucked the rest in the garbage. What a waste.

Tonight I’m meeting a couple of girlfriends for dinner and a movie…so no activity time. At least I’ve shoveled the driveway today. And my eating has been good so far….hopefully it stays that way. Dinner is at this great Mediterranean place Mezza. We’ve eaten there once before and it was excellent. We’ll probably order a platter to share….seems like the thing to do. 🙂 Afterwards we are going to see Slumdog Millionaire.

Today’s menu:

– coffee with brown sugar & skim
– other 1/2 of big pink grapefruit
– quesadilla made with small ww tortilla, 1 oz finely shredded mozza, tomatoes, sprinkle of Ready-Crisp bacon, green onions and fresh basil…served with Pete’s salsa (so disappointing) and light sour cream
– 1 brownie
– 2 fresh Medjool dates
– toast with almond butter & honey
– dinner out!

I’ve gotten so lazy about putting in actual links when I’m posting lately. I always have the best intentions of going back and adding the hyperlink to you lovely ladies or even back to my own posts, but inevitably I just hit publish and never come back to fix things up. Since I’ve been learning about SEO randomly at work, you would think I’d see the value of link exchanging and building. I need to quit being so damn lazy! I suppose that should be one of my non-health related goals.

The snow didn’t arrive last night but listening to the forecast today I don’t think we will be so lucky tonight. We are apparently in for blowing snow, then some icy rain and snow, and some sort of freezing situation. Oh the joy. Blech. Hopefully it holds off long enough for me to hit the gym…I am actually thinking about heading downtown to the fancy new location and checking out a yoga class. I’m really stiff the last couple of days and am really feeling the yoga vibe. If that doesn’t work out, then I’ll just be off to my regular location for a repeat of Monday’s fab cardio workout. And double if…if, if it does snow then I guess Jillian and I will be Shredding once again.

Lots of contigencies.

Today’s menu:

– OJ
– coffee with brown sugar & skim
– 1/2 giant pink grapefruit (so tart and sweet!)
– oats with unsweetened Almond Breeze, sprinkle coconut, 1/2 banana cooked in, 1 chopped fresh Medjool date & spoonful of almond butter
– leftover steamed veggies, small scoop rice, 2 oz grilled chicken breast (I grilled up a couple last night for a recipe I plan to make for the weekend)
– Garden of Eatin multigrain tortillas with Pete’s salsa
– grilled shrimp & scallop cake from Pete’s w/ sauteed swiss red chard & easy homemade tartar sauce
– Source ff lemon yogurt with fresh blackberries

(approx 26 points)

I made this with a pack of seafood chowder mix from the fresh fish department, but the recipe could be used for any kind of chowder you like. I’m thinking chicken corn chowder for FH when he gets home.

I totally winged it on this, using just common sense…totally worked!

Chowder Recipe

– 1 tbsp oil
– 1 tbsp butter
– 1/2 cup diced onion
– 1/2 cup diced carrot
– 1/2 cup diced celery
– 2 cloves crushed garlic
– 2 tbsp corn starch
– 1 cup skim milk
– 1 – 1.5 cups chicken stock
– 1 cup baby potatoes, quartered & parboiled
– 1 cup frozen corn
– fresh seafood mix (mine consisted of haddock, salmon & shrimp….use as much or as little as you like…my pack was about 200 grams)
– fresh dill

Heat the oil and butter together in a large non-stick soup pot over med-high heat. Saute onions, carrots, celery until onions sweat down. Add garlic and sweat another minute. Add corn starch, stir and let cook about 30-45 seconds just to take the pasty taste out…keep stirring while gradually adding milk. I like to add a big splash to start just to get the paste going, then gradually add the rest. Let bubble for a few minutes to thicken, stirring consistently. Add 1 cup chicken stock, corn and the seafood mix. Season with salt and pepper at this point, then stir and reduce heat to simmer. By now your spuds should be partially cooked and you can add them too. Let simmer until fish is cooked.

At this point, you can decide whether to add more liquid or not. I added about another 1/2 cup of chicken stock, then topped that up with 1/2 cup potato water. Regular water would have been fine too. Taste to check seasoning and adjust if needed.

Simmer until desired consistency. Add fresh dill, stir, and serve.

I got 4 x 2.5 cup servings. Yum-a-licious!

Three posts in one day. Oh my! It occurs to me that I blathered on about groceries and my new doctor but failed to give my usual daily update. So here you have it.

Yesterday was extremely productive. Not only did I finally get back to my chiro (it’s been two months!) and finally hit up the good grocery store, but I also got to the gym for a fan-freaking-tastic cardio session and I amazed even myself with a yummy off-the-cuff homemade chowder.

Due to my earlier errands, my work day ran long…but I was smart enough to eat a decent sized late lunch so I wouldn’t run out of steam for the gym or have to eat dinner before I could go. Instead, I set about making the chowder while finishing up work for the day so it would be ready to chow down when I got home. I set myself a goal of being at the gym for 7:00pm and low and behold wouldn’t you know what time I hopped on the first machine….7:00pm!

I was concerned when I got there because the place was PACKED. Mondays in January…doesn’t seem to matter what time you go, it’s nuts. Again though, I lucked out…when I came out of the change room there was one good elliptical that had just become vacant…perfect, just what I wanted! I hopped on and did a nice 5 minute warm-up, then pushed myself to really get the heart going for 15 minutes on the cross-country setting (basically it’s difficulty intervals)…and I finally found the best ramp height for me to work my preferred areas (tush and calves)….finished up with a backwards moderate cooldown. When I finished there the place had cleared out a little so I had no problem getting a treadmill, where I planned to work on running intervals again. I started with a quick paced 2 minute walk and then went straight into running. I had planned to do 2:1, but when I got to 2 minutes I felt fine and kept going … to 5 minutes!! I know to some of you that’s nothing, but that’s the best I’ve done in almost a year. So excited! So, I kept going on the intervals, running 2-3 minutes broken up with 1-2 minute walks….for 20 minutes. Ended with a 5 minute cooldown. I felt exhausted and great. I wanted to do 10 minutes on the stair climber but all three were taken, so instead I did 3 sets of different crunches and called it a day.

Came home to a long, hot shower and a big bowl of my seafood chowder and some toast. Yummmm! I had originally planned to do the Shred too, but I’m learning really fast that Shredding and gym on the same days is just too much. Alternating it is! So tonight will be the Shred. We are supposedly getting snow tonight anyway, so this is a good reason not to go to the gym. 🙂

Today’s eats are a little buggered up due to a late start and that doctor’s appointment that sucked up most of my mid-day. I think I’ve worked it out though…

– Fibre Source granola bar in car
– large coffee with raw sugar and 10% cream from Second Cup (this was an NSV…I was fricking starving when I finally got out of the dr’s office at 12:45…and I walked straight through the middle of the food court at Pete’s)
– leftover dill potato salad (1/2 small container)
– Garden of Eatin multigrain tortilla chips (1/2 serving…12 chips) with Pete’s garlic salsa & 1 tbsp light sour cream
– 2 fresh Medjool dates
– Ya-ya pear with 1 tbsp almond butter
– seafood chowder with toasted tomato sammich
– ff Activia lemon yogurt with fresh blackberries & sprinkle of cereal
– 99 cal bag of Walker’s baked chips

(approx 24 points)

Yesterday while out for my chiro appointment I decided to finally hit up Pete’s Frootique. People have been telling me all about this place since we moved here a year ago, but inevitably every time I am near one I don’t have the time to pop in or I don’t need groceries. Well, technically I still didn’t NEED groceries but it just seemed like a good idea at the time. 🙂

What a nice place for a change! They are a little more expensive on some items, but most things looked to be of a better than average quality. All of their produce was just lovely! Which is a nice change from the disaster zone I usually encounter at SuperStore. Some of you may remember my huge whine session when we moved here and I discovered there are only two choices for supermarkets and I didn’t like either one. Of course, I’ve gotten over that for the most part but I still get annoyed with the sometimes shitty selection of fresh produce and quality meats.

Going to show what a nice display can do for business…I walked out with almost $50 worth of stuff and I really only went in for a look. I got:

– green beans
– green cabbage (inspired some sort of cabbage roll casserole!)
– red Swiss chard (gorgeous, inspired by Angie!)
– shallots
– lemon
– field tomatoes (best looking tomatoes I’ve seen in months)
– cremini mushrooms
– a massive pink grapefruit (I wish you could smell through the internet)
– a ya-ya pear (sort of a cross between an apple and an Asian pear)
– fresh basil, fresh dill, fresh rosemary (I will NEVER buy fresh herbs from anywhere else!)

I also picked up:

– store-made shrimp and scallop cakes
– lean Italian turkey sausages (for the cabbage roll idea)
– a variety bag of Walker’s baked potato chips (they have an entire section of English goods)
– store-made garlic salsa (this is my only disappointment, it was really expensive and only tastes so-so)

And because it was lunchtime:

– fantastic dilled potato salad
– a risotto ball (sooooo yummy!)

They had the most fantastic cheese counter I’ve encountered outside of a specialty shop. Amazing. I had to tear myself away but am now planning some sort of wine n cheese party in my head so I can go back and raid the place.

Certainly not a place to do my day-to-day shopping but when I’m in the area I’ll definitely be popping in again.

I finally found a local doctor! Thanks Farm Girl for letting me know about this great lady that accepted new patients. Only took me a year…

So I had a laundry list of things to talk to her about at this first visit and now have to go back twice, plus hit up two other clinics this week. Yikes. Glad I didn’t wait much longer!

– PAP scheduled…after the whole HPV situation last year, I need to get this done ASAP.
– blood work requested….I have to hit up a separate clinic for that on my own time…I requested the works to make sure my iron, etc are all up to par…been lightheaded a lot lately
– plantars wart to be removed…ewwwww I know….but they offer a special clinic twice a month so I can go in and get the little bugger frozen off
– asked about the Hep Twinrex vaccine….she said it’s a good precaution but I could tell she didn’t think it’s that big of a deal…her opinion is that we are just as likely to contract Hep here as we would be on vacation….I got the prescription though so I might as well do it
– and the biggie….she gave me an x-ray request so I can have that done any time I like and she put in a referral to a sports medicine doctor downtown for me to have my shoulder/arm pain thingy checked out…..soooooo excited about this!!

Downside is all of the time away from my desk this takes. There was a huge wait today….like over an hour! (which they claim is highly unusual…we shall see). So now I have a whackload of work to catch up on….and will have to take a few more hours for the bloodwork and xrays this week. Good thing FH is away so I don’t mind working in the evenings if need be. It will be nice to get this stuff all caught up and sorted out!

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