As I mentioned in my health-o-lutions, I am going to set new workout guidelines at the beginning of each month. Technically things probably won’t change much but it’s a good time to review what I’m doing, make sure it works and change it up to keep it interesting and fun.

The January workout plan:

Mon – gym (60 minutes cardio), plus Shred DVD
Tues – gym (20 minutes cardio, upper body strength)
Wed – Shred DVD
Thurs – gym (20 minutes cardio, lower body strength)
Fri – Shred DVD
Sat – gym (40 minutes cardio, full body strength)
Sun – yoga

Each gym day will include at least 5 minutes (with the goal being to last longer!) on the Stairmaster as well as 3 sets of various crunches for ab work.

In addition I hope to add a cardio class of some sort from my gym…in which case I would use it in place of one of my cardio sessions.