I was so exhausted yesterday that I had a little powernap during my usual lunchtime. Felt good, but apparently it wasn’t enough because I ended up dozing off while watching TV last night too. Not for too long so I figured it was no big deal…we ended up heading to bed around 10:30 so I read until 11:15 and then aimed to fall asleep. Ya right. Last time I looked at the clock it was 2:40! I actually ended up getting up and going into the spare room to see if it would help…not sure if it did or if I finally just fell asleep due to exhaustion, but either way I finally slept. Then of course because I didn’t have an alarm in there I slept in.

Sooooo…now with me already having a huge pile of work to catch up on coupled with the fact that Wednesdays are crazy busy due to a weekly conference call I have no time for my Shred DVD. Not happy about this! And by the time I finish work, FH will be home and there’s no way I’m clomping around the living room while he’s here. Booo. I can’t even sub in an extra trip to the gym because I have book club tonight. Drat.

Edit: haha, you girls are so funny in your comments! Thanks for the tough love, but you know what? I didn’t need it. I opted to put off some work (I’m already so far behind, what’s another 1/2 hour) and squeezed in the DVD before my conference call. Of course, then I was lightheaded because I hadn’t eaten enough, but I did it! So there. 😉

Oh, but I still won’t work out when FH is home. Our living room is barely big enough for the actual workout and the jumping jacks shake the house. LOL.

Today’s menu:

– late breakfast of ww toast with natural PB & homemade jam, 1/2 banana
– coffee x2 with splooooshes of eggnog
– ww tortilla with leftover deli roast chicken, veggies, honey mustard & light mayo
– carrots & hummus
– quick dinner of soup & grilled sammiches (deli turkey, light cheese slice, tomatoes)
– snack at book club (I’m planning to make mini-scones)

(approx 24 points)