Yesterday while out for my chiro appointment I decided to finally hit up Pete’s Frootique. People have been telling me all about this place since we moved here a year ago, but inevitably every time I am near one I don’t have the time to pop in or I don’t need groceries. Well, technically I still didn’t NEED groceries but it just seemed like a good idea at the time. 🙂

What a nice place for a change! They are a little more expensive on some items, but most things looked to be of a better than average quality. All of their produce was just lovely! Which is a nice change from the disaster zone I usually encounter at SuperStore. Some of you may remember my huge whine session when we moved here and I discovered there are only two choices for supermarkets and I didn’t like either one. Of course, I’ve gotten over that for the most part but I still get annoyed with the sometimes shitty selection of fresh produce and quality meats.

Going to show what a nice display can do for business…I walked out with almost $50 worth of stuff and I really only went in for a look. I got:

– green beans
– green cabbage (inspired some sort of cabbage roll casserole!)
– red Swiss chard (gorgeous, inspired by Angie!)
– shallots
– lemon
– field tomatoes (best looking tomatoes I’ve seen in months)
– cremini mushrooms
– a massive pink grapefruit (I wish you could smell through the internet)
– a ya-ya pear (sort of a cross between an apple and an Asian pear)
– fresh basil, fresh dill, fresh rosemary (I will NEVER buy fresh herbs from anywhere else!)

I also picked up:

– store-made shrimp and scallop cakes
– lean Italian turkey sausages (for the cabbage roll idea)
– a variety bag of Walker’s baked potato chips (they have an entire section of English goods)
– store-made garlic salsa (this is my only disappointment, it was really expensive and only tastes so-so)

And because it was lunchtime:

– fantastic dilled potato salad
– a risotto ball (sooooo yummy!)

They had the most fantastic cheese counter I’ve encountered outside of a specialty shop. Amazing. I had to tear myself away but am now planning some sort of wine n cheese party in my head so I can go back and raid the place.

Certainly not a place to do my day-to-day shopping but when I’m in the area I’ll definitely be popping in again.