February 2009

What a dismal day outside! Funny enough, I’m in a pretty good mood though. Must be cuz it’s the weekend and work is a distant memory for the moment. 🙂

Last night FH went to meet up with a friend for some beers, so I took the time to finish work, hit the gym, get cleaned up, then meet them later. Fridays at the gym are so nice. Nice and quiet even at 5:30. Personally I like working out on Fridays because then I don’t feel quite so guilty about any weekend treats I decide to partake in…it’s just a matter of finding the time really…and this week it worked out great.

I had a GREAT run on the treadmill. Had I not been meeting FH and under a bit of a time crunch I totally would have stayed to run longer. I did my usual 5 minute incline warm-up, then set to running for as long as I could….usually I do 5 minutes, Thursday I managed 6 minutes, last night I made it to TEN minutes. Go me! Rested for only a 1 minute walk, then finished out the remaining 4 minutes running…then did sprint intervals for the cooldown portion on the treadmill timer. (I do hate that it automatically goes into cooldown mode and shuts off at 25 minutes….so even if you have time and there is no one waiting for the equipment, you still have to break to reset and start up again.) Anyway, I did a total of 16 minutes of running. Baby steps, but getting better all the time. Followed up with a set of bum exercises and three sets of crunches.

When I met up with the boys they were three sheets to the wind…haha. So I opted for one drink (vodka/soda) and by then I was starving so ordered myself a hamburger and salad. Now normally I would order my burger with cheese, mayo and probably bacon…but I took this one as it came…just ketchup and veggies…and it was really good. I even ditched about 1/3 of the bun because it was too big and unnecessary. The salad was perfect and it came with just a toss of balsamic vinegrette. Nice. Later when we got home I opted for a cup of tea before bed, while normally I would be perusing the cupboards for a sweet treat. 🙂

This morning FH was feeling the need for the “morning-after” breakfast so I agreed to a meal at our favorite greasy spoon. I did overindulge, but having said that it was a late breaky and no lunch was required so it all sort of works out. I had a great mushroom & cheddar omelette, 1 slice of toast, about 1/2 my pan fries, and some bacon. Later when we stopped at Starbucks I remembered that I’ve already had a big treat for today so opted for just a regular coffee with my usual bit of raw sugar and skim milk. I really just feel soooooo on my game!!

Now I’m off to the gym, and since I’ve got extra time I’m hoping to go that extra distance on my treadmill run today! Plus some extra upper body strength and maybe a stint on the Stairclimber or Rowing machine.

Dinner will be perogies, but I’m only having 4 with a bit of salami and a huge side of veggies!


I have long since jumped off the bandwagon for the individually packaged 100 calorie snacks. Sure, I tried the Thinsations, the mini Smart Pop bags, the baked chips, and enjoyed a few varieties of them, but in the end I have lost interest in the fad and found better ways to spend my money (and calories!).

I’m not a big fan of all of those wrappers either, but there is something to be said for a pre-portioned snack. I still like to have a few options in the cupboard and the glovebox for hunger emergencies….and sometimes a girl has to take a little extra enviromental wrapper with her snack. Generally I go for some type of granola bar, but those get boring after a while.
Mainly I just found that most of those “100 cal” options contain a bunch of useless ingredients…and none of them offer any kind of sustainability. I usually wind up eating three bags of the processed junk and completely undoing the whole point of the low-cal option!

So, when I found these Late July Organic Snacks at Pete’s Frootique I was intrigued. I chose the peanut butter sandwich crackers. They came individually packed as any of the other previously mentioned treats do, but they are organic so no yucky fillers or weird ingredients to pad the flavor. They do clock in at 160 cals, but I’ve learned to suck up a few extra calories in favor of cleaner eating. It just means I’ll eat one less scoop of yogurt or something later!

The ones I tried were cute and bite-sized. The crackers were rich, creamy, and salty…and the peanut butter was thick and tasty. Nothing artificial tasting…no greasy aftertaste. And because there’s actually a little protein in there it filled my hunger feeling for a reasonable amount of time. I would certainly buy these again to keep around for a treat or an emergency snack….I will also definitely track down their other products and give them a go.

To top it off, Late July is a family run company and just seems so down to earth. Their website is actually more of a family blog that happens to highlight their products. Fun to read. Love that.

I’m having computer related work issues today…soooo annoying. Working virtually has many great pros, but when the software I need to do my job quits working and the technical help I need is on the West Coast and not out of bed yet it makes me cranky. I’m all for a bit of slack time in the work day, but not when I have lots to do and it’s Friday. They’ll expect me to be around later to deal with things and I am soooo not staying late due to issues beyond my control.


Anywho….the movie last night was quite good (The Wrestler)…the popcorn did end up making it’s way onto the menu, but I blame FH. He never buys popcorn…ever. So I stuck to my plan of not buying any and figured I was all safe…but he came back from the snack bar with a bag of buttery goodness in hand. Damn. Better than eating a bag all to myself, but I still managed to cram my greasy hand in that bag quite a few times. Oh well, it’s certainly not the end of the world. I still only had decaf coffee when we went for drinks first and drank a whole bottle of water along with the popcorn. Can’t win every battle, right?

Thankfully I did get that trip to the gym as planned. I had a great run on the treadmill…managed to up each interval for 1 minute, so in the end I ran a total of 15 mins. Added in tricep pulldowns and bicep curls as part of my strength training as I have been totally neglecting my upper body lately…and finished up with my three sets of different crunches and my new favorite bum exercises thanks to Eurydice.

I’m hoping to get in another yoga session of some sort today and another trip to the gym for a similar workout. With all of these work issues though, I’m not sure on a good timeline…plus FH may either need the car or a ride to visit a friend who is in from out of town. I’ll make something work, just not sure what quite yet. Once that is sorted out, it will either be a quiet night in or possibly dinner out with the friend. Either way, it will be nice to release the stress of the workweek!

Today’s menu…

– much needed coffeeeeeee w/ demerara & skim
– last 2 banana oatmeal muffins w/ PB2 (review to come this week)
– clementine
– veggie quesadilla: small ww tortilla w/ spinach, tomatoes, carrots & cheese on the Griddler…with salsa & homemade guacamole
– side of 1% cottage cheese
– grapes
– dinner: hopefully dinner out…but if not, perogies w/ sauteed onions & sliced cacciatore salami & steamed veggies
– if at home: blackberries & non-fat Activia yogurt

FH rented us a couple of movies for last night so I didn’t have time for yoga before bed like I had hoped. I mean, I could have squeeeezed something in but I doubt it would have been very relaxing knowing that I was keeping FH waiting so I didn’t do it. I had a great chiropractor session and didn’t want to ruin that with any bizarre stretches or poses anyway, so really it all worked out.

So instead I opted to do a session of Power Yoga #3 from yogadownload.com today before I made my lunch. Excellent option. I had already done my morning emails and work, it had been a couple of hours since breakfast, and FH had gone out to do some shopping. Glad I did it. I’ve mentioned before that I like this practice because it is somewhat of an introduction to Sun Salutations and isn’t too strenuous or too simple. I do need to get on downloading a longer version though.

I will still hit the gym after work for my treadmill cardio and strength training. We are going to the movies with friends tonight but not until the late show so I have plenty of time for a workout, dinner and shower before meeting them. I like the idea of a later dinner anyway as it will keep me from being hungry at the movie theatre. I plan to pack along my trusty lululemon water bottle and some sort of 100cal snack from home. Movie theatre overpriced greasy popcorn be damned!

Today’s eats…

– coffeeeeee w/ demerara & skim
– 100gr Liberte Mediterranee Dulce de Leche yogurt w/ 1/2 banana sliced
banana oatmeal muffin (sooooo good dipped in the yogurt)
– tossed salad sprinkled with shredded cheddar and mixed with salsa & 1 tsp light sour cream as dressing, with small ww tortilla rolled with homemade guacamole
– clementine
– 1/2 Lemon Zest Luna Bar before gym
– leftover Baked Chicken & Bean Rollup, steamed brocolli & cauliflower
– tea @ pre-movie drinks
– water & granola bar (or similar snack) @ movie

Steaks on the Griddler turned out great. I made a quick marinade of dijon mustard, Worchester sauce, s&p, oregano, paprika, basil and a bit of oil to bind it all together….letting the steaks rest in that for about 1/2 hour while I got the potatoes baking and the sprouts prepped. They were thick-cut tenderloins so I chose to use the open-style grill as opposed to the panini-style. Worked just like a real BBQ! Our steaks turned out perfectly cooked with grill marks and all. 🙂 I ended up just boiling the brussel sprouts instead of roasting them, but they still hit the spot. I baked a couple of small Yukon Gold potatoes for each of us too.

I did make it to the gym yesterday. I finished work about 15 minutes early, so I grabbed some clean workout gear and headed out to get there for just after 5:00. I figured it would be really busy…which it was, but I’ve seen it worse…but I still managed to get a treadmill right away so I was happy. I did a shorter warm-up because I wanted time for more running intervals, knowing that my running times would be shorter due to my congestion. I still managed to get my first run up around 5 minutes, but the rest of them were only 2-3 minutes with 1 minute walks in between. In the end I still ran a total of 13-14 minutes…so not my best, but nothing to sneeze at. I finished my workout with 3 sets of different crunches, bum exercises, and some new bum exercises I found in Clean Eating magazine.

Today will be a yoga day. FH is taking the car for the afternoon and then I have a chiropractor appointment at 5:30. I don’t like running or working out too hard after a chiro appointment so I think it’s the perfect day for a Power Yoga download.

Today’s menu…

– coffee with demerara & skim
– 1.5 servings (3/4 cup) 1% cottage cheese with 1/2 sliced banana
banana oatmeal muffin
– tossed salad, with 1 oz leftover steak & 1 tiny baked potato w/ butter
– Chinese apple
Baked Chicken & Bean rollups, with salad (I’m thinking spinach but it will be whatever greens are on sale), and homemade guacamole
– blackberries w/ no-fat Activia yogurt

Last night was a raging success of course! How could it not be with my honey home, some tasty treats, good chat and good cuddles?! I overindulged in the pre-wine cocktails (a variation on a Cosmo) but wised up later in the evening and drank some water instead of letting FH fill my wine glass again. 🙂 Unfortunately that cold I mentioned a few days ago is really trying to take hold now but I’m fighting it every step of the way. That mixed with the drinks made for a bit of a rough night of sleeping, but now that I’m up and about I feel not too shabby.

Had to get up a bit early this morning to start some work before heading off to a 10:30 appointment. So I got ready right away to start feeling human (don’t you just feel better when your face is washed and your hair is done and you’ve put on your nice pants?). Started my morning with lots of water and a pink grapefruit…seriously great because normally I’d be straight to the Coke or something made with bacon when I have a hangover…but because I reminded myself this is no slacker weekend and I’m on a healthy roll I happily ate my fruit and felt extra good because of it.

Not sure what I’ll do about exercise today. My brain tells me that I should head to the gym for a run and a bit of strength training, but of course I’d rather stay home with FH so we shall see. I’m sure I can squeak an hour out between work hours and dinner though so that will be the goal. If all else fails, a yogadownload can always been fit in before bed.

Today’s menu…

– grapefruit
– Fibre Source granola bar (in the car)
– large Second Cup coffee w/ raw sugar & skim milk
– lunch snack plate: lemon dill hummus, 1 oz salami, 1 oz very stinky blue cheese, 1/2 slice cheese bread, carrots stix, baby tomatoes, grapes
banana oatmeal muffin w/ PB2
– steak (tenderloin! on the Griddler), baked potato, roasted brussel sprouts
– blackberries & non-fat Activia yogurt

I just about fell off the scale this morning. I finally had the big loss I’ve been waiting for! For the first time since before Christmas I am finally back at my happy weight. Not just my comfort zone, but at the bottom of my comfort zone! I forgot to weigh in last week, but two weeks ago I was up to 157 (highest I’ve been in MONTHS…possibly a year) and today I am back down to 151.8. Woooohoooooo!

What a great day for it. FH will be home in just a few short hours…after being gone for what seems like an eternity…today is day 36. Some trips just drag on and this was soooo one of them. Yaaaaieee for the boy on dry land!

And since good things come in threes (well, bad things do so good things must too right?)…I get to have wine and cheese for dinner!

I’m sure you’ll understand if I don’t go to the gym tonight. But I did already do some crunches and bum exercises. 🙂

Monday menu…

– coffee with demerara & skim
– oatmeal with banana, chopped date, coconut & drizzle of chocolate PB2
– grapefruit
– (potentially an afternoon muffin or small snack depending on when we break out the wine and cheese)
– red wine, 4 kinds of cheese, salami, crackers, olives, grapes, cheese bread!
– snuggles with my future hubby!

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