I think I’m up a pound. I (yet again!) forgot to weigh in before I left for the doctor this morning, so I’d already had a latte when I came home to the scale. I’ll try to remember to do a proper weigh in tomorrow. I am getting frustrated with myself….fluctuating around with this same 2 pounds and not getting back down to my proper comfortable weight.

New goal for February: NO BOREDOM EATING

Instead of telling myself I can’t have chips or cookies (or whatever treat I happen to be craving) I’m going to go ahead and let myself have them, but only if it’s planned or I’m actually hungry. I have been doing too much stuffing my face at night just because I’m bored. FH has been away and I’ve been marathon watching Gilmore Girls and for some reason I feel like I need to be eating the entire time I’m watching. Sometimes it’s just cereal or tortillas with almond butter…but it’s too much…and guaranteed this is the sole reason for the lack of weight loss. I am a nighthawk so I think a moratorium on eating after 9pm is in order (unless I go to the gym really late, in which case I will allow myself one post-workout snack).

Since last week’s workouts were almost non-existent I made sure to get in a great cardio session on Saturday. Good, hard run on the elliptical and then running intervals on the treadmill (slowly working at longer runs)…finished up with 10 minutes on the StairMaster for a total of over 60 minutes. Three sets of different crunches too. Sunday I made it to “warm” yoga at Breathing Spaces…it was a different instructor so it was a fun change of pace and I really sweated my arse off. Today I’m feeling it in my hamstrings and one of my hips. I plan to head to the gym again tonight for more cardio, some good stretching and maybe some weights.

I also tried out a new recipe this weekend. Some friends of ours just moved and had to clean out their freezer before they left. I wound up with a couple of packages of Tenderflake pie crusts so I surfed their website to see if I could find any good recipes. I chose to try their Easy Chicken Pot Pie….seemed a little bland so I added fresh rosemary, some dried thyme, parmesan and I used cream of chicken soup instead of mushroom. I had low expectations but it ended up being pretty good.

Today’s menu:

– Starbucks triple grande non-fat vanilla latte (on way to doctor)
– Second Cup medium coffee with 10% cream & two packets raw sugar (after doctor)
– veggie wraps: 2 x small ww tortillas with hummus, light cheddar, tomatoes, mixed greens & carrots
– fresh strawberries & blackberries with Source ff lemon yogurt
– leftover Easy Chicken Pot Pie served with wilted Swiss red chard (with garlic, balsamic & tomatoes)
– post-gym: apple with almond butter

(approx 22 points)